Mutch ado about David Luiz – and with little wonder

Date: 20th October 2013 at 7:08 pm
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CQuestions over the long term future of David Luiz have come back with a vengeance this weekend after the defender committed yet another gaff against Cardiff City to allow Jordan Mutch to give the Bluebirds the lead at Stamford Bridge.

Just when it seemed that Jose Mourinho was ready to make Luiz his first choice to partner John Terry at the heart of the Chelsea defence, Luiz showed exactly why he is not considered to be everyone’s cup of tea.

In fact, that is a kind assessment of the Brazilian. Error prone, a mistake a game and a total liability are just three of the other ways you can describe the player.

Some people release fitness DVDs as it comes up to Christmas, Luiz could well make a pretty penny releasing his own ‘Dreadful David Defending’ special.

Luiz has been given chance after chance by various Chelsea managers and is apparently seen as a skipper of the future by the hierarchy at the Bridge.

If that is indeed the case, then several things need to happen. Firstly, said hierarchy need a trip to Specsavers – pronto. Secondly, Luiz needs to actually learn to defend. Thirdly, Chelsea will need to run out of money, because on the showing Luiz has provided thus far, Mourinho will be shopping around for another defender this January meaning Luiz will not be around for much longer.

The Brazilian will not last under a manager who is more than happy to sub a forward for giving the ball away. Mourinho is even less kind when it comes to defenders making errors.

You would’ve had more luck breaking down a brick wall that Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea side of old, which had three world class centre backs in the squad.

John Terry, William Gallas and Ricardo Carvalho were an integral part in the success Chelsea enjoyed under Mourinho 1.0, and only Terry remains at the club. He also remains their best central defender, which given the injuries and his age, speaks huge volumes about both David Luiz and Gary Cahill.

Cahill is simply a poor man’s John Terry and essentially is a decent squad player. He is not the player that will lead a team to the Champions League final or a domestic trophy and Mourinho knows it.

There is an argument stating a case for Branislav Ivanovic to be moved into the heart of the defence and become the partner John Terry needs – but Chelsea have few options at right back and given how unconvinced Mourinho appears to be with Cesar Azpilicueta,  that scenario seems unlikely.

Luiz has been compared to Ricardo Carvalho, Chelsea’s former star defender who was always happy to meander up the field and popped up with some stunning goals from time to time. That comparison is quite frankly a huge insult to Carvalho.

The Mourinho favourite was first and foremost a fantastic defender. He did not lose concentration. He did not allow people to run past him (Carvalho was the master of avoiding yellow cards for tackles that warranted nothing less) and he was most certainly never considered to be a liability. Ever. Whereas Luiz is on a weekly basis.

He may be able to produce a cracking free kick – but so can half of the Chelsea squad. At the end of the day, they do not need a make shift defender come wanderer up the field. They need a world class defender and Mourinho will make sure they get one.

The news that Porto defender and rumoured target Eliaquim Mangala has now signed Jorge Mendes up as his agent will unsettle Luis – a move for the 22 year old in January is looking more and more likely and is something that could well spell the beginning of the end for the Brazilian.

Luiz is not without his admirers – Barcelona are still tracking the player and are thought to be willing to pay big money for him. Most Chelsea fans on his latest display would probably pack his bags themselves.

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One thought on “Mutch ado about David Luiz – and with little wonder

  • the ref
    11 years ago

    Undoubted ability but probably better suited to La Liga. I still believe that the lapses can be sorted through hard work by both player and the coaching staff. Luis always seems to play better in the really big games.


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