Adios Bale – Does Gareth have a future at the Bernabeu?

Date: 6th June 2015 at 5:39 pm
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Real Madrid work as a teamIt is a known fact that Bale suffers constant abuse from Spanish aficionados and Spanish press alike – and often for no fault of his own.

He has not had an easy time fitting in and his position on the pitch is still not very comfortable leading to question being asked about to his position on the team as a whole.

With the £90 million price label lingering over his head, it is only normal that Bale feels the Spanish heat wanting to prove himself by striking out alone whenever possible. However, this dangerous gameplay often back fires (several missed opportunities against Juventus during the Champions League as prime example) and labelled as a ‘selfish’ player. Something isn’t working and Los Merengues are not getting the best potential out of the Welshman causing some frustration for both him and the team.

After not taking home any trophies this season, change is necessary. It is not so much the skills that the 25 year old lacks, more how well the team play when Benzema, James or Ronaldo start. Admittedly, Bale has not always had the chance to develop either and has had a few injuries here and there, but he has had a fair few starts this season nonetheless.

Any Premier League team would welcome him with open arms, like Manchester United or Chelsea, so a return is always possible. However, considering his 2013 start, it is unlikely Bale will leave just yet, there is still much more for him to learn and the Spanish press and fans do appreciate him at times (despite harsh criticism). He is a valuable player and everyone is aware of his potential, it would be a shame for him to leave now when there is more to give.

The question remains if the young Welshman wishes to continue at the club, he has been unhappy with this season. So, Bale will either have to change his game for next season or leave.

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