Adiós Ancelotti, but will Rafa Benitez last any longer?

Date: 6th June 2015 at 5:50 pm
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Real Madrid work as a teamReal Madrid have let Carlo Ancelotti go after a trophyless. Ancelotti waved goodbye to the club with the Getafe game his last, whilst Rafa Benitez was handed a three year deal by Florentino Perez.

Ancelotti has been a successful manager gaining the support from both the team and its Madridistas, a difficult task alone.

Despite his tough attitude and perseverance, he failed to win a trophy this season and that inevitably means the end. After being at Real Madrid for two seasons, Ancelotti has achieved huge success with the team, wining four trophies and ‘La Décima’ against Atletico Madrid last season, which was quite possibly the best moment in Real Madrid history thus far (sorry Zidane).

The Italian has formed a close relationship with the team and Ronaldo in particular, who will be sad to see him leave. He has been a part of the team’s achievements and not even Ancelotti himself wants to leave. Despite rumours of a possible return to AC Milan, it is likely he will take a break from coaching altogether. Ancelotti had a grand farewell during the last match of La Liga with his team gained a 7-1 win over Getafe, with a hattrick from Ronaldo and supporting shouts from the fans praising Ancelotti.

Was the best option in the eyes of Perez after his time with Italian team Napoli and his history coaching Spanish teams including Valencia and coaching Real Madrid’s youth team 20 years ago. Winning La Liga twice with Valencia, Benitez also went on to Champions League success with Liverpool. His familiarity with the Premier League and squad rotation tactics could even help find new grounds for Bale (if he remains in the club) to put him in a better and more suitable position. Hence why he has the job.

The question remains if Benitez will be a success managing Los Blancos considering Bale and Ronaldo’s plea to continue with Ancelotti for another season. He will definitely face displeasure on and off the pitch as neither the team nor the Madridistas are completely taken by Perez’s decision on Benitez. Sure, Perez and Benitez work well together, but a change in the order could aggravate the team even more as the Italian’s departure will definitely provoke a negative reaction.

But, finishing second in La Liga, and not winning any cup trophies is not enough, change is expected and Ancelotti has waved adiós to the club for now.

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