Sponsored Video: The ideal treat to combat those January blues!

Date: 12th January 2015 at 4:45 pm
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xbox 1As Liverpool forward Mario Balotelli managed to deduce, it is f*****g cold at the minute and when you combine that with the back to work January blues that we all know too well, it is probably a good thing that we have a way to combat that depression.

We’ve all seen the advert – Lionel Messi going head to head with Eden Hazard on the Xbox One, and now we think that it should be your turn.

The console not only allows you to play the best games – and has a rather snazzy new generation multiplayer feature if we say so ourselves, but it also allows you to watch TV, films and sports games as well. What more could you want?

With the games coming thick and fast over the January period and that all important Champions League knockout round starting back up again next month, you can even use the Xbox One to stream live games and make sure that you are first to all the action – no matter who is playing!

You won’t miss a minute of the game, and can even get multiplayer invites WHILST you watch TV, so you literally won’t be missing a thing.

We highly recommend it and if you want to be playing FIFA 15, Assassins Creed Unity, Call of Duty and many more games, there really is only one console to do it on.

Have a look for yourselves at FIFA 15 being played on the console below.

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