With Olivier Giroud missed out of the squad, will it ever end for Arsenal fans?

Date: 24th November 2014 at 7:00 pm
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giroud lolWhen will it ever end for Arsenal fans?

That is a question that seemingly has no answer after the Gunners managed to go one goal down against Manchester United without the Red Devils actually having a shot on target at that point – and 40 injuries to their squad.

Now they have incurred yet more laughter from the rest of the footballing world after it emerged that an administrative error had ruled returning forward Olivier Giroud out of the Champions League crunch clash with Borussia Dortmund – and out until the knockout stages of the competition – which Arsenal will be lucky to make at this rate.

That is obviously a huge mistake and whilst manager Arsene Wenger cannot be directly blamed for it, surely it just displays everything that is wrong with the club, right from Wenger and the board down to the admin staff.

Arsenal are rotten to the core at the minute and their lofty ideals of being the club that do not buy titles, who play thrilling football, who provide a state of the art new stadium for their fans are all being overshadowed by the fact that they cannot win a game, their manager is looking clueless and unaccountable to just about anyone and their players simply could not care less.

Wenger and his sleeping bag coat are being ridiculed, the fans are turning on the players and the coaching staff and you have to wonder when that will begin to have a knock on effect in terms of attendance at games – especially given the Gunners have one of the highest pricing structures for tickets in Europe.

No area of the club is performing to the level it should at the minute and even star man Alexis Sanchez is being dogged by humiliating claims that his form is suffering due to a lethal combination of too much football and too much sex, but the real losers here are the Arsenal fans.

Given their manager is so self righteous, it is surprising he has not yet realised this.

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