Five things we learnt from the World Cup quarter finals

Date: 7th July 2014 at 11:37 am
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4422565We are heading into the last four of the World Cup and have seen even more drama. This has been the best World Cup in recent memory and we think that it is only set to get better.

The very best of the best are left and will stop at nothing to get to the final – but before all that, here is a look at five things we noticed from the quarter finals.

There have been some Premier League stars who have been awful – The likes of Oscar and Eden Hazard have been disappointing to say the very least. We would have expected far more from them and indeed Romelu Lukaku who saw this as his big chance to impress, but probably only confirmed what Jose Mourinho clearly already thought. Now, without Neymar, Oscar has to do the business but for Hazard it is too late.

Brazil have two massive holes to fill – Quite if they can do this remains to be seen. They are not exactly solid at the back during the best of times, but without Thiago Silva, they will have an even bigger problem. The defender and skipper is banned for a needless yellow card and will now have to watch from the side-lines. Neymar meanwhile will have to watch from home after leaving the competition after a back injury. Can Fred prove all his doubters wrong? Brazil will hope so.

4423098Louis van Gaal really does have huge balls – The Manchester United manager elect put Tim Krul on the second before the final whistle blew in order to get him on for the penalty shootout – and he saved two out of the five to send Holland though to the semi-finals. A massive call and a massive result. Manchester United fans are licking their lips in anticipation for next season and who can blame them?

An all European final? On this display it will be – Neither Brazil nor Argentina look very good at all, and now Argentina have to deal with the loss of Angel Di Maria to boot. Brazil have their own issues and will hope the referee and the crowd get behind them during their semi-final clash with Germany. Holland seem to be getting the luck and  look more unified as a squad than well, ever. Holland v Germany for the final? It would upset the odds, but it might be the case.

4422270Germany are clinical, efficient and look like winners – They may not have the one star player a la Neymar or Messi, but as a whole they look better than either of the two south American sides. The collective look like winners. They defend, they work for each other and they can finish chances off. A place in the final? Don’t bet against it.

What did you notice during the last 8 round of games? What lies ahead in the semi-finals? Let us know your thoughts below or tweet us @LaFootyettes.

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