Five reasons it is time for Fernando Torres to leave Chelsea

Date: 29th July 2014 at 11:23 am
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Chelsea are in transition and now is the time to make the breakOh Fernando. We all said it. Chelsea fan or not, you would be hard pressed not to feel sorry for Fernando Torres after the £50 million forward missed a sitter from a whopping two yards out during his latest failed outing for Chelsea.

The Blues paid a huge amount of money for the forward from Liverpool and expected so much. Funny then how he has delivered so little.

There have been so few highlights from his time at Stamford Bridge that Chelsea TV must be dreading the player finally making his long overdue departure  and having to compile a ‘best bits’ reel.

Perhaps they could just replay the goal at the Camp Nou and then show him signing for his new cub. That should make the Chelsea faithful smile.

With his departure imminent (Chelsea fans are hoping at least) here are five reasons – there are 500 – why Torres simply has to pack his bags and get out of west London for good.

Click on Fernando himself to unveil the countdown.

He is a figure of pity and mockery

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