Hazard’s future at Chelsea looks increasingly shaky

Date: 2nd May 2014 at 3:28 pm
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hazard mouThe fallout from Chelsea’s Champions League semi-final exit is just beginning and Eden Hazard is pulling no punches when it comes to his views on the situation.

Neither, for that matter, is his manager Jose Mourinho.

The two have entered into a rather passive aggressive war of words that would make a warring married couple proud.

Eden thinks that Jose and Chelsea ask too much of him. Jose thinks that Eden is not ready to give his full commitment to the team. Eden thinks that Chelsea are not set up to allow him to shine. Jose thinks that Eden does not try hard enough to help his defence.

Comical and rather egotistical at best, a very big issue at worst. Chelsea are a top side but Eden Hazard is a top player.

Mourinho should be able to lavish him in praise this season and Hazard should be thanking his manager for kicking his career up  level.

Instead the war of words resembles that of Mourinho’s with Joe Cole during his first spell at Chelsea.

Ironic really given Mourinho made the point that Hazard could either become his version of Cristiano Ronaldo or indeed Joe Cole.

Chelsea fans can take heart from the fact that Ronaldo also made his feelings on Mourinho’s tactics known at points in their working relationship and that was fruitful for the most part with Ronaldo lifting the Liga title and Copa del Rey under Mourinho, not to mention winning the Ballon d’Or in part for his work in the latter part of Mourinho’s time at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Cole meanwhile was told he could leave Chelsea and his career stalled somewhat with the creative star never really recovering or reaching the heights he should have.

Of course as we have seen with Mourinho time and time again, players are willing to die for him, and this is not the first time he has differed in opinion with one of his players.

The question of how this will end remains – will Hazard be brought back into the fold like Ricardo Carvalho was or will he be frozen out like Iker Casillas?

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