Tweet of the week – Piers Morgan trolls RVP

Date: 23rd February 2014 at 10:17 pm
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4343090It is not often that we have much praise for Piers Morgan Рor even really think about the Arsenal fan at all, but after his rather witty response to the self congratulatory tweet from Robin van Persie, we had to give him some credit.

The former Arsenal player decided that it would be a good idea to post a picture of himself celebrating his goal against Crystal Palace and accompany that with a caption praising his side for their win.

Now given the form of United this season, we can understand that the Dutch international is taking just about any chance he can to celebrate three points – after all, you never know where they might come from next – but even more than that, we adored the response of Morgan.

@piersmorgan tweeted:

‘6th, 14pts behind Arsenal, congrats > RT @Persie_Official Good win today.’

Whilst it smacks of sour grapes, it was funny none the less, and the amount of stick that Morgan has gotten for his beloved Gunners being trophyless for a fair few seasons now, it is only fair that he gets his kicks where he can. After all, they won’t be coming in the Champions League this season will they?!

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