Finally AVB blames himself but it came too little too late

Date: 17th December 2013 at 11:10 pm
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avb fuckedSo it has finally happened. Andre Villas Boas has bitten the dust at Tottenham Hotspur and will now pick up yet another rather hefty compensation package from another Premier League club.

The money he got after his ill-fated spell at Stamford Bridge could have easily set him up for life, but AVB needed to go back for more. One thing is for sure now however, it will be a long time before another Premier League side will touch him again.

Many expressed surprise that Spurs even touched AVB after his time at Stamford Bridge, with his ability to fall out with the fans, the press and also the players still haunting him.

It is worth noting that when times got tough at the lane, AVB followed the same pattern.

Arguments with various journalists, calling them out in press conferences and claiming there was a personal vendetta against him became the least of the Portuguese manager’s issues.

He also of course refused to listen to any advice, from the board, his medical staff, his coaching staff  and it seems his players.

A feud with Emmanuel Adebayor and the utter refusal to play him was the final tipping point, and after the humiliating defeat at home to Liverpool, there was no turning back.

Daniel Levy pulled the trigger less than 24 hours after AVB claimed he would not walk away from the club. Probably because he was fully aware he was about to be pushed and did not want to give up his compensation package.

Of course, AVB is 36 years old, has studied under one of the best managers around in Jose Mourinho and has won trophies both domestically and on the European stage with Porto.

He is not a bad manager. His time at Chelsea was tainted by a host of issues, both on and off the field, most of which have been discussed more times than Luis Saurez has scored goals this season.

Failing to listen to anyone and alienating just about everyone became the hallmark of his Chelsea reign and AVB seemed to have learnt. Yet when the going got tough, he fell right back into the same old pattern.

The only thing he did not bring back from the last few games at the Bridge was the infamous squat. He hit out at everyone except himself, until the writing was not only on the wall, but was underlined in bright red capitals, in bold font.

AVB then admitted blame, but by this point it was too late. Levy’s face on Sunday spoke a thousand words, and even Stevie Wonder could have told you AVB’s days were numbered.

The man himself will now go and lick his wounds, and can afford to for a very long time. He will probably get another job on the continent – Spain or even back in Portugal, but will have to work wonders before any club worth their salt in England will ever touch him with a barge pole.

Spurs meanwhile have a rather large dilemma on their hands. They not only have to find a new manager, but they have to find one who is willing to work with the £100 million of un-gelled talent AVB brought in, not to mention fans who think that they should be challenging for top four football.

Tim Sherwood’s name has been mentioned if the caretaker can do a good enough job, as has Fabio Capello’s, but the choices are limited.

Should the new manager manage to make the existing players work well together and bring the current misfits back into the warm, there is still potential for the club to do well this season. Quite if they can do that however remains to be seen.

What will become of Spurs and AVB now? Let us know your thoughts below.  

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  • the ref
    10 years ago

    Not a huge fan of AVB but Spuds only 5 points off 4th …bit harsh …..net spend under him about £6m ….. not really given enough time IMO.


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