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Date: 26th August 2013 at 9:29 pm
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charlotteHello everybody I am Charlotte, a 21 year old football fanatic! Especially when it comes to Rochdale AFC Haha!

I enjoy watching all types of football and have a strong passion for the sport. I’ve been watching football since I can remember and started going to Spotland (The home of the mighty Dale) at four years old, so many good memories but also some bad ones, spending my Saturday afternoons and Tuesday evenings amongst the crowds cheering on the lads!

Some might say I am mad, but I wouldn’t change the cold, wet, night games or the long car journeys.

I have a love for the great game but I am also a typical girl, mad on make up, celebrity gossip, dresses and the colour yellow, I also have a slight obsession with Sergio Ramos (Can you blame me? Haha) and Spanish men in general!

I was asked to contribue to La Footyettes and jumped straight at the chance, any excuse to talk and share my opinions about football!

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