Steven Gerrard is set to leave Liverpool, but what will become of the Reds next season?

Date: 2nd January 2015 at 4:55 pm
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steven gerrard 2So Steven Gerrard will be leaving Liverpool at the end of the season.

The midfielder is one of the best players of a generation and quite if we will ever see the likes of him or Frank Lampard again remains to be seen.

What we do know however is the fact that his time at Liverpool is up and whilst the fans have five months to deliver a swansong and say goodbye, and that there will be tears – not to mention a fair few questions over his relationship with Brendan Rodgers and just why Gerrard has decided to leave.

Gerrard seems to see his future in America and whilst it may well be the right time for him to leave Liverpool, you have to wonder what will be left at the Merseyside club come next season.

Whilst it is clear that Gerrard’s influence on the team has waned and his impact on a game in terms of what he can do on the field is not what it once was, his overall presence at the club cannot be underestimated.

Quite what leadership and direction will remain at Liverpool come next season is questionable, with their current crop of players ones who seem to crawl away and hide when the going gets tough.

The likes of Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard are a dying breed in the English game – and it is clear that Liverpool do not have players who live, eat and breath the club as those two have for so many years, but that is down to the board and the manager.

Brendan Rodgers failed to reinvest the Luis Saurez money last summer and has seen his side stall because of it.

The Reds are nowhere near the title chase this term and would be very lucky to finish in the top four – and Gerrard knows it. He also knows that last season was the last real chance he would get at the elusive league title he craved for so long – and heartbreakingly for him, his errors at vital times are the ones people remember.

The poor defence and the lack of solidity throughout the side is bypassed to bring up the Demba Ba goal and the Gerrard slip before that – but that is the way of football fans. No one will punish Gerrard more than Gerrard for that, but his manager has to take some blame.

The issues that dogged Liverpool at the back last season have been prevalent this term and do not seem to be going away. Losing Gerrard is a huge blow to Liverpool but the fact of the matter is that is the very least of their problems.

In terms of Gerrard’s next move, considering the MLS is trying to become a respected league in its own right, the midfielder could well be the marquee player to help make that happen. Unless he decides to rock up at Manchester City and try for that league title after all.

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2 thoughts on “Steven Gerrard is set to leave Liverpool, but what will become of the Reds next season?

  • Jephat
    9 years ago

    This is a shrewed and wise move by Gerrard. Always leave people with wonderful memories. Perfect timing from Gerrard. We wish him all the best.

  • Jephat
    9 years ago

    The team will certainly be better and stronger without Gerrard. He is getting much older and of less positive impact on the team. Liverpool have Emre Can, Jordan Henderson or Lucas, any of who can take over his role on the pitch. The team played far better without him against Burnley.


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