Luckily for Liverpool, their skipper is nothing like Frank Lampard

Date: 26th January 2015 at 6:50 pm
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gerrard chelseaChelsea boss Jose Mourinho is up to his old tricks.

Exactly a decade on from his first and rather unsuccessful attempt to land Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard, he is trying once again.

The self proclaimed Special One may have been speaking in a rather tongue in cheek manner when he suggested that Chelsea may try and land Gerrard on loan for the first part of next season after his contract with Liverpool ends this summer and his career becomes MLS bound, but as Blues fans know only too well, anything is possible in football, especially when players need to keep their ‘fitness levels’ up to par for the deeply competitive league that is the MLS. Well according to Frank Lampard of course.

Luckily for Liverpool fans, Gerrard would probably rather hang up his boots altogether or rock up to LA Galaxy for that first day of training looking like the real Ronaldo after he retired than betray the club he has given up everything for.

In an era where footballer’s have more boyhood clubs than Dejan Lovren lets players get past him and in on goal, Gerrard is one of the real deals.

Unlike Manchester City player Frank Lampard, when Gerrard claims he could not imagine playing for another Premier League club, he actually means it. The very idea is enough to turn the stomach of fans who do not even hold Liverpool close to their hearts.

Gerrard had the chance to join Chelsea. He had the chance to join Real Madrid. He probably had the chance to join a host of other clubs and win trophies that were not guaranteed at Liverpool – and league titles he did not manage to add to his collection of trophies – but he chose to remain on Merseyside, and will be forever considered the club’s ultimate hero because of it.

Gerrard, along with John Terry, is the last of a dying breed. Footballers who care more about the badge on the front than the name on the back, and that is exactly why Jose Mourinho knows only too well the pain his Chelsea fans experience every time they see Lampard in a Manchester City shirt will never be felt by Liverpool fans when it comes to their greatest player Steven Gerrard.

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One thought on “Luckily for Liverpool, their skipper is nothing like Frank Lampard

  • Tommy Cockjes
    9 years ago

    What a load of TOSH!!!!!
    Gerrard would have been a Chelsea player in 2004/5 if he hadn’t been “advised, that perhaps it was not a good idea” by local underworld figures.


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