Five reasons Liverpool fans should be ASHAMED of this ‘Rodgers Out’ banner

Date: 3rd November 2014 at 7:01 pm
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lfc idiotsFootball fans are a crazy bunch and it seems that the trend of flying banners over clubs to make a point has not quite gone away just yet.

Last season we were treated to a fair few Manchester United fans flying a banner over Old Trafford to express their disappointment at life under David Moyes and then we had the same club but a different section of fans declare their love for Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo at El Madrigal.

Now Liverpool fans seem to be willing to get in on the action and whilst you may think they are clubbing together to fly a banner advertising their history channel over Anfield this weekend – or one begging Gerrard not to aid and abet Chelsea for once, you would be wrong.

In fact a set of supporters are ready to send a banner flying over the Chelsea game to call for Brendan Rodgers’ exit from the club.

We know. Astonishing doesn’t cover it.

With that in mind, we have come up with five (there are 500) reasons why Rodgers should be given the full backing of the fans.

Click on Brendan Rodgers to see why we think he deserves more than this from the Liverpool fans.

Rodgers is 41. He is still learning his craft

Liverpool fans. Is this just a small majority of you or do the vast majority of fans want Rodgers out? Let us know your thoughts below or tweet us @LaFooteyttes.

4 thoughts on “Five reasons Liverpool fans should be ASHAMED of this ‘Rodgers Out’ banner

  • slider
    10 years ago

    ‘Liverpool fans’ some people vaguely connected to liverpool or football more like. Why does your shi**y article start like every liverpool fan wants rogers out coz ur writing is sh** and you jump on the bandwagon.

  • yossarian
    10 years ago

    This whole thing was done by Chelsea trolls you stupid punt!

  • dave
    10 years ago

    The worst and most pointless article I have read for a while from a person who clearly hasn’t a clue, LFC fans sometimes to their detriment are notoriously loyal and this supposed fly over banner is from a fans group of NON lfc supporters set up last summer,

  • red ted
    10 years ago

    If that banner ever flies over Anfield, which it won’t, any blert clapping it will have a tough time. I have lost confidence in Rodgers, but he is our manager until FSG say otherwise and will get the support and respect the post demands. Only the ridiculous Hodgeson has ever lost the supporters openly, even Souness had the Kop even at the nadir of his ill fated time.


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