Five reasons we HATE the international break

Date: 8th October 2014 at 7:06 pm
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Boring, boring EnglandAnother international break, another two weeks of domestic longing.

Never one of our favourite events of the season, we have already been subjected to one dire international break and now we are faced with another.

In fact, the best thing about these breaks is becoming the gaffes made by England manager Roy Hodgson, who seems to put his foot in it time and time again when it comes to his comments and media appearances.

When it comes to on the field however, we do not hold out much hope for England and whilst we fully expect to qualify for the Euros in 2016, quite frankly, we would rather not be forced to give up our domestic football and sit through qualifiers!

Click on Wayne Rooney to unveil the top five reasons we dislike the international break.

It interrupts the season just when it is getting good

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