What has been good, bad and downright awful – from a Manchester United fan

Date: 15th May 2014 at 1:45 pm
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Thank God it is overIt may have been a hard season for the majority of Manchester United fans, but here at La Footyettes headquarters we don’t shy away from bad results.

For that reason, here is the first of our season reviews and it comes entirely from my perspective – and that is one of a season long suffering Red Devil.

Best moment of the season?

Ryan Giggs’ first match in charge

Best goal of the season?

Evra’s screamer vs. Bayern Munich

Best result?

Tough one here as there aren’t many to choose from really!! I’ll go for beating Arsenal 1-0 at Old Trafford… they were in good form, at the top of the table, and that was the first of many times that I actually thought David Moyes could turn things around, but we all know how that turned out!

Best player?

David de Gea without a shadow of a doubt. He’s been our most consistent player for the whole season and is one of only a handful of players who can hold their head high after what has been a dreadful season.

Worst moment?

I could give you about 50 terrible moments… Losing 3-0 at home to both Manchester City and Liverpool was soul destroying… but I think the biggest disappointment/moment of the season was coming back against Sunderland in the League Cup… I truly believed we’d go on to win that game after equalising in the last minute, in true Manchester United style… to then lose on penalties (and such awful ones at that) was devastating. It might have been a blessing in disguise though as we would have been destroyed by City in the final!

Worst result?

Again, so many to choose from. Olympiakos away was dreadful.

Worst player?

It’s hard to look anywhere else than at Marouanne Fellaini… he has really struggled to adapt to life at United. I was a big advocate of the Belgian a couple of seasons ago when he came to Old Trafford with Everton and absolutely bossed Ferdinand and Evans. He helped Everton grab a point in the epic 4-4 encounter that ultimately cost us the title that year. I wanted him signed there and then. He was commanding, physical (in the right way!) and could finish well. All of those attributes, apart from being physical, seem to have deserted him.

Patrice Evra comes a close second for me though. For such an experienced defender, he is often found lacking both positionally and in his desire to get back and help his teammates if he is caught upfield.

Biggest f**k up?

Haha. Well… sorry David, but this is all on you. David Moyes was a PR disaster from start to finish at Manchester United. He was so far out of his depth it was uncomfortable viewing. His constant use of the word ‘try’ in interviews grated with United fans and his general demeanour just wasn’t that of a winner. So, unfortunately I’m going to have to say that appointing Moyes was the biggest mess up for our season.

Funniest moment?

Am I allowed to revel in the misery of other teams here?? Because Steven Gerrard slipping against Chelsea after his famous speech to his teammates after they beat City will make me laugh forever. Giggs 13, Gerrard 0.

What needs to change?

A lot of the squad! We’ve already seen two of our most experienced defenders leave and could well see the most decorated player in our history hang up his playing boots soon too. But there have been too many free-riders in this squad for a while now. The likes of Young, Valencia, Nani and Anderson are just not good enough. We need to invest in at least two defenders, and I’d say three or four midfielders. ALL CHANGE!

What needs to stay the same?

Giggs needs to stay. Although I agree with many that he’s not ready to take over the manager’s position, I think he should stay on the coaching staff to learn from the new manager, whoever that may be. I think he should then spread his wings and get some managerial experience somewhere other than United. It’s a bit of a fairytale that he will end up managing United one day, but from the last four games of the season, he just sounds like he has all the attributes to be incredibly successful. He sounded more like a Manchester United manager in the last three weeks than Moyes ever did.

Who should go?

Phil Neville from the coaching staff and as I have already mentioned, Young, Valencia, Nani, Anderson etc.

Who should stay?

De Gea – I’m a bit worried one of the Spanish clubs will come in for him and that might sway him to leave! I also want Hernandez to stay. He’s a fantastic goal scorer and brings something completely different to the rest of our striking options. Give him game time and he will score, it’s that simple. I get the impression that he’s the type of player who needs an arm around his shoulder from a manager… he clearly wasn’t getting that from Moyes, so hopefully the new manager will recognise this.

Rating out of 10?

3/10 and that’s being generous!

In general:

Best player?

Hate to say it, but it just has to Suarez. Some of the goals he has scored have been utterly ridiculous and he’s been the driving force behind Liverpool’s impressive season. Him staying last summer was crucial to their success this term. I don’t know how much longer they will be able to hold on to him though.

Best goal?

I am a little biased here, but Rooney’s goal against West Ham made me lose my sh*t. I couldn’t believe it… well, I could believe that Wayne tried it… he tries that kind of audacious attempt nearly every game, but it just happened so quickly and the precision in the strike was just incredible.

Best club?

Everton under Martinez have been a joy to watch. I love his style of play and the passion of the Evertonians is really rather intimidating for any opposition visiting Goodison Park. They have had a fantastic season and were unlucky not to pip Arsenal to the final Champions League spot.

Best manager?

Tony Pulis has done a wonderful job with Palace, but I think Gus Poyet has done a quite remarkable job with Sunderland. He took them to a major cup final as well as navigated them to a 14th place finish after being bottom with only seven games to go in the Premier League. Brilliant.

Worst manager?

Hmm… do I really need to answer this?? Poor old Moyes… perhaps I should choose someone else… Pards didn’t have the best season at Newcastle and was banned for headbutting a player! I suppose that combined with not great results should see him leapfrog Moyes, although… he’s still got a job…

Worst player?

Fellaini… again.

Funniest moment?

Tim Sherwood on the touchline was always entertaining. We’ll miss him, if only for his raw passion and emotion

Who would you like to see in the PL next season?

Ronaldo back where he belongs in Manchester, but that is a mere dream. I wouldn’t say no to Toni Kroos bolstering United’s midfield and it looks like Chelsea have already confirmed Diego Costa, which will be interesting. Him vs. Suarez for most hated PL player of the season next year??

Who is a waste of space and should go?

Sorry Chelsea fans, but Torres has surely had his time? I know he works hard, but he’s lost it. It’s really rather depressing to watch him play football these days.

FINALLY, Who will win the World Cup?

I think Brazil are in with a good shout, purely because it’s a home tournament. I think that’s always advantage. Obviously, Spain will be looking to retain their crown and will be difficult to beat. I’m going to be keeping a close eye on Belgium. They’re my dark horses for the title.

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