Foy up to his old tricks as Chelsea lose three points and their heads

Date: 16th March 2014 at 5:02 pm
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4357272Chelsea fans will know only too well what happens firstly when Jose Mourinho takes the team to Villa Park, and secondly when Chris Foy is officiating. Nothing good.

The game this weekend only compounded that belief further, with Aston Villa – who have a fairly poor record at home this season – managing to take three points and essentially KO Chelsea’s title charge to boot.

Mourinho has failed to win there in now five league visits and one of the only good things to happen in his time away from the Bridge was comprehensive victories at the ground. Cue Jose’s return and dropped points there. It is literally a cursed ground for the Chelsea manager.

Matters were not helped by the referee, who has now had his Wikipedia page altered (deservedly so and many could have said far worse about the man from the Wirral) and Mourinho has demanded he never officiates Chelsea again.

The Portuguese manager is always one to cry conspiracy, but this time there is actually something to it. The stats when Foy is the man in the middle against Chelsea are abysmal and before the game, six players had been sent off in his last eight Blues fixtures. Now Willian and Ramires are added to that list. Whilst the former can cry quite rightly about that, the latter is lucky there is so much of a storm around the game that he will probably avoid a longer suspension from the FA.

There was also a disallowed goal from Nemanja Matic – which Foy appeared to have given before the linesman or indeed his utter bias changed his mind – and a couple of offside decisions for Fernando Torres when the forward was bang on. Not that he would have scored mind you.

Jose of course got himself sent off in what looked like absolutely nothing – and will probably have to dip into his Armani clad pockets and give some dough to the FA as a result.

Foy and his ‘officiating’ aside, Chelsea were again not good enough. The lack of a forward has never been more evident and that is saying something.  After looking like they were charging towards the title with the demolition of an unravelling Spurs side, pundits were claiming the title was going back to west London. Five of the six Chelsea games post Spurs battering were against the bottom half of the table.

Only Blues fans will have realised how dire that actually was. Going to Anfield and having Arsenal come to visit will not concern the Chelsea faithful half as much as having to play the likes of Aston Villa. Thank the Lord West Brom are out of the way.

To put it simply, Chelsea cannot beat the ‘lesser’ sides. It is a huge problem, and one that has been pointed out over and over again this season, and one that will ultimately cost the club the title.

It is not all doom and gloom for Jose, after all he can’t go a season without being sent off can he? Chris Foy will not be allowed near a Chelsea game for a while, and Manchester City will have to cope without their skipper and only decent defender after his red card against Hull. They played with ten men for 80 minutes. The difference? They had forwards who put the ball into the back of the net.

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