Sorry Jason, but the only bitter one here is you

Date: 7th January 2014 at 4:50 pm
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cundy‘The most bitter, twisted, bitchy, spiteful fans I have ever come across.’

That was Jason Cundy’s take on Liverpool fans this weekend after Chelsea FC’s official TV channel decided to discuss the comment made by their beloved Special One, after he claimed that there were too many Liverpool pundits on TV.

Mourinho was making a light hearted quip about the fact that most pundits on Sky Sports had backed the penalty claim made by Luis Suarez during the Blues win against Liverpool.

He also lightened the mood by claiming that he would become a pundit when he retired at 75 and stick up for his club – not that he ever misses an opportunity to do so anyway. Essentially typical Jose mind games.

Quite why Jason Cundy then felt the need to launch an absolute annihilation of  Liverpool fans is beyond the majority of people who do not reside in the blue half of west London, or Merseyside. Even then, it seems unnecessary at best, crass and unprofessional at worst.

Cundy is paid to offer opinions, granted, but to launch such a foul mouthed assault on the majority of Liverpool fans – who as with all clubs have their good and bad supporters is bizarre.

The pundit himself has hardly led a stellar off the field life, anyone who reads the tabloids will tell you that, and it is a fair bet that the majority of abuse he receives from these ‘fans’ is not about what he used to do on the field.

There is of course a difference between a bit of light hearted banter – like the sort Nikolas Bendtner found himself on the receiving end of after claiming he should be playing for Real Madrid, and then ‘earning himself the move with his goal against Cardiff’ and the foul mouthed abuse that is unwarranted and quite frankly a disgrace, no matter which set of fans it comes from and whom it is directed to.

This is not by any means a defence of abuse on twitter, or no doubt some of the awful things that have been said to Cundy by Liverpool fans – and smart money would wager most other rival sides’ supporters – but it is certainly in the defence of Liverpool fans.

In an age where the prawn sandwich brigade is more prominent than diehard fans on the terraces at certain clubs, Liverpool FC have some of the most dedicated, passionate and true fans of anyone.

Jose Mourinho himself has referred to the ‘power of the Kop’ and the ‘twelfth man’ when the crowd get behind Liverpool, and anyone who has been to Anfield on a big night – especially the top class European nights that have not been seen for a while – will agree tenfold.

The magic of the crowd has been responsible for a fair few favourable decisions at home for the Reds, not in the least the ‘ghost goal’ that sent Liverpool on their way to a historic win in Istanbul at the expense of Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea side.

Everything in life has bad and good parts, better and worse people. Football and football clubs are no different.

Cundy was out of order, wrong and simply should issue an apology to the vast majority of Liverpool fans – who, yes may moan on and on about their history, but are football fans at heart and undeserving of the abuse launched at them.

And before you ask if this article was written by a Liverpool fan – or eve by someone who has a soft spot for the club, the answer would be very far from it.

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2 thoughts on “Sorry Jason, but the only bitter one here is you

  • Liam Angell (of Pitch Talk)
    10 years ago

    I don’t think Mourinho or ‘moany ho’ as I like to call him was being light-hearted with his quips about the lack of Chelsea pundits, I had quite a rant about the fact that he seemed to miss the fact that Ray Wilkins (ex-Chelsea player) has been doing punditry with Sky Sports for a long time & that Glenn Hoddle (also ex-Chelsea) was doing punditry on Sky Sports for that very game between Liverpool & Chelsea. Mourinho’s arrogant ways drive me up the wall on a general basis and it especially annoys me that the guy is basically a media darling and is never gracious in victory or defeat but because some people like him he get’s away with it. Cundy, well, this nothing happening no name jabrone can say all he wants and he seems like another moron with a nonsensical opinion, he won’t issue an apology and even if he does it’ll probably only be at the behest of his employers as people like him & Mourinho tend to believe their own hype & b.s otherwise they wouldn’t say it in the first place. As a Liverpool supporter myself I found Cundy (replace that d with a t and you’ll get close to my view on the comments lol) and his comments to be narrow minded & moronic, questionable decisions are rife within the game these days no matter what the ground, it’s a sad fact but there’s another issue there anyway, no-one deserves the kind of abuse or vitriol that Cundy aimed at Liverpool supporters, tarring everyone with the same brush is unfair and ignorant, there are a lot of keyboard warriors on twitter but there are more good folk on there than bad and in my view, as i’ve said on Pitch Talk shows, every club has a moronic minority of fans, Liverpool are no different, but neither are Chelsea.
    For me, Jose Mourinho isn’t the special one, he’s the arrogant one and to paraphrase former WWE superstar Shawn Michaels back in November 1998 as I did on last Monday’s Pitch Talk show (in regards to Cundy and Jose this time), ‘if I wanted crap out of them, i’d pick it out of their teeth.

    I’m Liam Angell aka Straight Shootin’ LJA & that’s my opinion

  • the ref
    10 years ago

    Jason who????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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