Sex, Debauchery, Alcohol… and most importantly: Football

Date: 4th November 2013 at 7:21 pm
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secret playerFootball. A world of glamour, secrets and money. A realm that most of us mere mortals will never come into contact with, until now.

The Secret Player (not to be confused with The Secret Footballer) is a book released earlier this year that lifts the lid on the life of a professional footballer.

The Secret Player is the pseudonym of a Premier League footballer that talks frankly and honestly about what goes on in the beautiful game.

Based on FourFourTwo’s “The Player” column, this book is sure to engross any footie fan that is desperate to know what goes on behind closed doors.

As to be expected, TSP divulges the reader on just how active the sex life of a single (!) footballer is, how much money they spend on jeans and how much competition there is in the dressing room.

Despite these juicy tales, perhaps some of the most interesting content surrounds the darker side of football. It fascinated me how much TSP claims footballers – including himself are affected by depression, or how many.

Now, I don’t want to give too much of the book away, so my first advice if you’re planning on buying this book is do NOT Google it first.

There’s Internet speculation on who TSP is, and sure enough it’s one of the top results when you Google it. Go straight to Amazon, who offer the book at by far the best price I have seen. It also makes the perfect Christmas present for any footie fan.

You’ll probably be left thinking ‘but, who is it?’ To be honest, anonymous is hardly subtle with his clues, revealing vital pieces of information. However, there’s an aspect that makes the reader not want to know after the true vulnerabilities of a professional footballer are exposed.

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    I see you recently reviewed ‘The Secret Player’. i was hoping you would review mine which is similar but came out well before.



    If you send me an email – phoenixouttadaashes’gmail.com I will send you a free pdf.

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