The season is nearly over, and dreams were dashed this week

Date: 17th May 2015 at 1:00 pm
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Arsene WengerWith the closing of this weekend, some dreams came true and some were broken. Burnley and QPR were relegated, Sunderland and Leicester showed their strongest resolve yet to stay up, Spurs and Everton were beaten as they attempt to avoid the Europa league at all costs, and Swansea pulled off a win over Arsenal in one of the dullest Premier League football matches ever to happen.

 There were winners and losers aplenty, but this week’s Pulham’s Points is all about the losers – specifically that when it came to losing this weekend, not everyone did it graciously.

 Here’s who had a sip of sour grapes and didn’t lose well in the game of football (or life) this week.

Joey Barton

It’s not easy to lose – but it is possible to do it with dignity, to acknowledge the situation, and to take responsibility for your own actions – something Mauricio Pochettino did with grace after losing 3-0 to Stoke. Pochetttino took to his post-match interview to say that Spurs “were poor from the beginning. We are very disappointed for our supporters, our club and for us, because the way that we lost the game showed that we need to be stronger and ready to compete.You could see in the first half that they were better than us and we gave them the opportunity to score. We were poor.”

Do take note of the above Arsene, John, and Joey.

Who was your biggest loser this weekend? Was Barton right to call out his teammates, or was that the media equivalent of a terrible vague Facebook status about how “certain people” need to get it together? Let us know below or tweet me @makingthemarrow.

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