Leeds United have lost the plot – Redfearn would be within his rights to walk

Date: 5th April 2015 at 2:40 pm
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leedsImagine telling Jose Mourinho he could not play Diego Costa anymore, or Luis Enrique that Luis Saurez was off-limits.

Well that is exactly what has happened to Leeds United manager Neil Redfearn – and it seems Mirco Antenucci will be sitting out the rest of the season.

The reason for that is Antenucci has scored ten goals this season, and one more would force the club to pay the bonus clause in his deal that would trigger a one year extension and a bonus to boot.

Now putting aside why Leeds would even put in such a clause if they had no intention of following through on it, you have to reserve some sympathy for Redfearn – who is now without his top goalscorer – and while the club don’t have anything left to play for, the fans are still paying their money to go and watch the team, and the manager still wants to win.

How he is supposed to do that without his man up top remains to be seen – and it shows just how the club have lost touch with the day to day running and what it means to keep the fans and the coaching staff happy – ownership issues or not.

You wouldn’t blame the supporters for going mad about the latest instructions from upstairs – nor the manager, but that is just the Leeds United way – and it has to change.

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