Ten things we learnt from Manchester United after their FA Cup loss

Date: 10th March 2015 at 5:58 pm
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De Gea could probably get you into the top ten all by himselfManchester United saw their best chance of a trophy slip away after defeat to Arsenal in the FA Cup Рand managed to record a loss at Old Trafford against a side they normally see as cannon fodder to boot.

Arsenal will now go to Wembley and celebrate like they have won the Champions League but for Louis van Gaal and his men, it is back to the drawing board.

The Red Devils will now have to focus on securing a top four spot in the Premier League and before than can happen, we have taken a look at ten things we learnt from Van Gaal and his players.

Click on Angel Di Maria to see what we learnt from the match.

More devil than Angel

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3 thoughts on “Ten things we learnt from Manchester United after their FA Cup loss

  • Pau
    9 years ago

    I think Van Gaal’s philosopy is far from making manu reach top four even if given two years more to build manu because playing players out of their positions, sticking on few players although are under performances on the pitch leaving the rests behind on the bench for long without giving them a chance, his tactics of focusing on possessions than attacking forces that can break the opponent’s defence.

  • simon stephen
    9 years ago

    the droping of juan mata on the bench is wrong for man united.now manu u need to dismiss luis van geal.

  • Adam
    9 years ago

    It is people like you don’t let man united players develop because of your ignorance about the game.if they won the game you be saying different things.people like you should not comment on any Manu games.stay away we do not need negative people like you.


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