Aston Villa manager Sherwood is once again showing how deluded he is

Date: 3rd March 2015 at 6:18 pm
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sherwood lolYou only need to spend five minutes watching Tim Sherwood on the touchline to see how the Aston Villa manager takes the ‘heart on his sleeve’ expression a little bit too seriously, with the mirage of emotions shown by the 46 year old making the likes of Diego Simeone and Jose Mourinho post minutes 30, 33, 43 and 69 combined look positively like stone.

Then comes the press conferences and things are ramped up even further.

You may have thought before offering him the job, someone at Villa Park would’ve taken him to one side and explained the concept of a poker face, but evidently not.

Sherwood is the only manager in history who feels it’s appropriate to boast of a 100% winning ratio and totally ignore the fact he has once again gone viral on social media because of it – and for all the wrong reasons.

As a club it is hard to understand why you would want a manager that the rest of the league see as fodder for their next spot of mockery and however kind hearted and well intentioned the Villa boss is, there is no denying that sums him up to a tee.

They may not get goals at Villa Park but at least with Sherwood doing their press conferences, they get a bit of something interesting to watch and ahead of the make or break clash with West Bromwich Albion, Sherwood was turning on the typical Tim charm.

He rightly claimed: ‘First and foremost all we’re worried about is winning this league game against West Brom.’

Then the ever positive manager added this little cracker: ‘If we do that, it will take us out of the relegation zone and we’ll never look back.’

Now even to the most optimistic of fans, that is delusional at best.

Villa are a club in serious trouble and will need far more than three points from their midweek fixture to see them never looking back. You have to wonder if that is genuinely all Sherwood thinks it will take to save the club this season – and for their sake, certainly hope not.

The club have seen the arrival of Sherwood liven up the touchline but keep the results the same, with two defeats from his league games and the fixtures starting to look rather sparse if they want to dig themselves out of their current predicament.

Quite if Sherwood can do it is doubtful indeed. What is certain however is that it will take far more than a win against Tony Pulis’ men to stop them from having to look over their shoulders.

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One thought on “Aston Villa manager Sherwood is once again showing how deluded he is

  • Nick Thompson
    9 years ago

    Give the guy a break ,he had a good win rate at spurs but the problem was he told a few home truths that the spurs board did not like ! The guy is at a great club now who have struggled due to finances over the last few seasons ! Judge him next season


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