Would Newcastle United and Harry Redknapp be a partnership made in heaven or hell?

Date: 6th February 2015 at 7:10 pm
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redknappIt was his knees and not the disaster of deadline day that caused Harry Redknapp to leave Queens Park Rangers apparently, but as we know all too well in football, nothing is quite what it seems.

The reasons behind Redknapp’s departure will be made clear in the coming months – or when another book is written by the manager – and there will probably be far more than currently meets the eye to it, but that aside, the wheeler dealer will be taking the next few months away from football – and will be looking for a new job come the start of next season.

Funnily enough there is a fairly big club in the north east of England who will be looking for a new manager – sorry, head coach – around the same time and predictably the links are already being made between Harry Redknapp and Newcastle United.

One thing that Redknapp is good at is getting the best from a squad who are not exactly world class – and being able to make deals in transfer markets without huge chequebooks – something that will not be on offer from Mike Ashley and Newcastle.

He is also used to dealing with huge egos and is a pro at handling the media – and that is something that anyone at the helm of the Magpies simply has to be adept at doing with the pressure cooker environment around the club – and the fact that Redknapp has managed to work with various owners of clubs and directors of football before to varying degrees of success will also interest the Toon.

Quite if he would really be the right man for the job however is highly questionable – Newcastle need stability and Redknapp is not exactly known for staying when the going gets tough, making more than enough exits when clubs have needed him the most, but there is no denying he gets results at times.

Redknapp and Newcastle might seem like a match made in heaven on the initial glance, but in reality the pairing could be a little bit further south than that.

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2 thoughts on “Would Newcastle United and Harry Redknapp be a partnership made in heaven or hell?

  • Kenny Kholera
    9 years ago

    Harry Redknapp would be an utter disaster for this club. A man in the old-mould of English managers, whose only solution to any kind of adversity is buying new players.
    The things that calls for someone else

    Age: Redknapp is 67. Should retire now!

    Trophies: 1 FA cup in nearly 40 years of management (having spent the better part of an Irish state budget on players in that time)!

    Proximity: A true southener, and would probably cost the club a fortune in transport, as he would not want to live permanently up north.

    Style: A good man-manager by all means, as far as I can tell, but his tactical nouse is non-existant, and he is as naïve as anyone when it comes to seeing a game out 1-0, often making poor decisions and subbing the wrong players.

    A brief conclusion: Harry Redknapp, no thanks!

    Give me Laudrup!!!

  • Pierrotm
    9 years ago

    Harry wouldn’t fit for so many reasons. My vote goes to Tuchel. Someone with some nous.


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