Sorry Manchester United fans, here are five Juan Mata upgrades

Date: 27th February 2015 at 6:30 am
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IscoManchester United manager Louis van Gaal has come in for a fair bit of criticism this season for not playing the right formation – or the right players in said formations – but there is one player we have to whole heartedly agree leaves a bit of a question mark over his head.

Juan Mata may be a fan favourite and rightly so, and given the problems in the current United side, you can see why many think he should be starting week in, week out, but when considering if he would make the starting XI for the likes of Chelsea (nope, been there, done that) Manchester City (that would be a no) or Real Madrid (again, it’s a no and was from an early age) you begin to wonder just how good Mata really is.

While we are not saying the midfielder is a bad player – far from it – we just do not think he is world class and here are five players who are of a similar ilk to the Spaniard that we think are heads and shoulders above him.

Click on Koke to see who else we think is better than the Manchester United player.


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4 thoughts on “Sorry Manchester United fans, here are five Juan Mata upgrades

  • Haphiz
    9 years ago

    Lvg is doing bad things for not playing juan mata in squad

  • ibrahim
    9 years ago

    yes mata is a very tallent mefilder but i prefer isco than any other player

  • Igwe febian
    9 years ago

    I think koke is far more better dan mata,imaging koke and herera midfield it wil be vry fantastic.pls lvg trie and get him.

  • Yirga Hayelom
    9 years ago

    We want to see Mata when Man Utd faces non-physical teams.


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