Sorry Janmaat, the only way Newcastle United are flying is down the table

Date: 6th February 2015 at 3:50 pm
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daryl janmaatEven Newcastle United fans are beginning to get sick of their club after seeing yet another season go more than a little bit pear-shaped.

The Magpies are one of the most loyal and vocal fanbases in the Premier League but have not had too much positive stuff to shout about of late.

The January transfer window came and went, with the club reportedly willing to flog Cheick Tiote to Arsenal for £12 million, only to be turned down by the Gunners. Mike Ashley also took the chance to help Rangers yet did very little for the Toon.

Despite that, Daryl Janmaat seems to think that it will be all up from here, with the closure of the window and the confirmation John Carver will be staying for the season only a good thing.

Janmaat claimed: ‘We can put our minds at rest now. We know what we have here and who is the head coach.’

The only – and most obvious – issue with that is the question of if the head coach and the players are good enough to make that happen and there are a fair few people who think that John Carver is not up to scratch.

There is also a huge amount of people who think that the players need to take a long hard look at themselves – and that is not even going anywhere near the issue of owner Mike Ashley, who was clearly far more comfortable making sure Rangers were sent five Newcastle players to help them than actually trying to bring in anyone to help John Carver.

The more cynical Magpies out there will probably persist with the notion that Carver is only in a job until the end of the season because Ashley was too cheap to really spend this winter and a new head coach would have demanded players – and they are probably right.

Janmaat might think that having the transfer window slammed shut and Carver to provide stability will help the club rise in the table but at the end of the day, whilst Ashley is in charge, the Toon Army is doomed – and they know it.

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One thought on “Sorry Janmaat, the only way Newcastle United are flying is down the table

  • DoesntMatterWhoIam
    9 years ago

    Very negative title, the blog isn’t too negative though! Things happening at the board level does effect the team’s moral but only to an extent. If players put their 100% on the field, there is no denying in saying that the only way Newcastle can go from here is up the table.


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