Jordi Gomez is right. Sunderland have plenty to prove before fans get excited

Date: 6th February 2015 at 5:30 pm
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jordi gomezBeating Burnley at home to record only your second home win of the Premier League campaign so far is not exactly something to be lauded over fans, but according to Sunderland player Jordi Gomez, the Black Cats have turned the corner.

Quite if the fans agree remains to be seen and given what they have had to watch this season, both home and away, you could be seriously forgiven for them wondering just if things really will get better under Gus Poyet, even with a couple of back to back wins for the club.

Four points above the relegation zone and a fair few unhappy campers does not bode well, but with Jermain Defoe now at the club and off the mark in terms of his goals, staying in the Premier League and a cup run is the very least the fans will be looking for.

The excuses are ready made should the club revert back to losing ways. They are not used to the system Poyet is asking them to play. Connor Wickham is out for a couple of weeks. They do not have the money certain sides do. They should not be playing three – or five depending on your viewpoint – at the back. The list goes on and on.

What does not however is the patience of the fans and only a couple of weeks after Poyet asked them to hold on and give him a chance, Gomez feels that his manager and teammates are showing the first real signs of deserving one. The fans meanwhile are waiting until the end of the season to determine if that is true or not.

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