Is this really the right choice for Queens Park Rangers to stay in the Premier League?

Date: 13th February 2015 at 5:00 am
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chris ramsey qprSo Queens Park Rangers have gone down the road of allowing their caretaker boss to remain in charge until the end of the season, following in the path of Newcastle United, but the question on everyone’s lips is will it be enough to keep them from relegation?

On the surface, you would be forgiven for thinking that things could not really get any worse under Harry Redknapp – the club literally could not win away from home for love nor a whole heap of money – and under Ramsey they managed their first away win of the season. Ok, it was at Sunderland, who are as bad at home as QPR are away – but it is a starting point to build from.

The club are desperate to stay in the Premier League and naturally were looking for the right man to make that happen. Tim Sherwood was a hot favourite – but his record is not the best and dealing with sensitive egos was not something he proved to be adept at doing. Ramsey however already knows the QPR players and is obviously a popular member of the staff there – and will steady steady the ship until the end of the season if nothing else.

Steadying the ship and keeping the ship afloat in the top flight are two different things but the man himself is confident he can do it, and has made no secret of the fact that he was desperate to land the job, speaking at the start of the week and admitting: ‘If you got offered the chance to coach a Premier League team you would jump at the chance.’

That much is obvious – but come the end of the season, Ramsey will be judged on his performance and if he does a good job, could well see his appointment become a permanent one.

QPR Fans. Are you happy with this appointment or would you prefer someone like Tim Sherwood to come in and do a job? Let us know your thoughts below, become a guest blogger or tweet us @LaFootyettes.

3 thoughts on “Is this really the right choice for Queens Park Rangers to stay in the Premier League?

  • Hughesie in Oz
    9 years ago

    Ramsay is definitely the right choice until the end of the season. He has overnight got the players motivated, playing a different style and looking more confident. Something ‘Arry couldn’t manage for most of the games he was in charge. Sherwood may have been ok but at Spurs his Coach was Ramsay anyway. Most Rangers fans are happy with this decision but obviously judgement day is in May. Leroy Fer being injured for the next 2 months is not going to help us.

  • john
    9 years ago

    I’m glad sherwood didn’t get the job…frankly he’s not worth the money. he’s just another one trying to get on the gravy train…good luck Chris.

  • Stan (The Man) Marsh
    9 years ago

    Whew, it may have been a close thing but I can now breath a sigh of relief. Sherwood would have been a dreadful choice as manager, following the pattern set by Hughes and Redneck, all terrible football managers. Ramsey seems untested but a far, far better choice as far as I’m concerned. I’ve supported QPR since the days of Vic Mobley and a very young Tony Hazell, so we’re talking early 60s! I’ve seen some very poor managers, as well as some very, very good managers, come and go from Loftus Road. Warnock was a good fit and certainly shouldn’t have been moved on so unceremoniously, particularly when you consider he was replaced by the (on your marks, get set) terrible Mark Hughes. Good luck to Chris Ramsey.


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