Five sensational quotes from Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho

Date: 22nd February 2015 at 4:43 pm
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Sky don't escape Mourinho's wrathChelsea boss Jose Mourinho is never one to mince his words, nor is he a stranger to FA charges, so it was a surprise to see him so composed after his side dropped two points at home when facing Burnley after one of the worst refereeing performances of the season.

In fact, Chelsea fans would be hard pressed to remember a man in the middle doing so badly since the debacle against Barcelona in 2009.  Mourinho may have remained calm after the game but Jose being Jose had a plan and that involved a TV appearance on Goals on Sunday to air his grievances.

In a rant that puts Rafa Benitez and Louis van Gaal to shame, the Special One showed his rivals how it should be done and managed to show the FA and Sky Sports a thing or two to boot in some utterly riveting TV.

His sides may not be seen as that entertaining to watch, but Mourinho certainly is and here are five of the best quotes from his attempt at putting the football world to rights.

Click on skipper John Terry and referee Martin Atkinson to see what Mourinho had to say in a rather sensational TV appearance, even by his lofty standards.

From eggs and omelettes to lawyers

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