Five managerial options for Queens Park Rangers to consider

Date: 10th February 2015 at 6:04 pm
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Tim SherwoodLooking for a new manager is not exactly ideal at the best of times but in the middle of a Premier League season when you are fighting for your lives, it becomes even more of a challenge.

That is what Queens Park Rangers face at the minute after seeing Harry Redknapp walk out on the club – well hobble given the state of his knees, and the club are frantically considering their options when it comes to their next move.

They could of course wait until the summer to appoint one of their top choices, they could go with Tim Sherwood who is thought to be the favourite for the position or they could just take a leap of faith and appoint an unproven manager.

Considering those options, we have taken a look at five potential replacements for Harry Redknapp.

Click on outsider Rafa Benitez to see who else we think could be linked with the top job at Loftus Road.

Rafa Benitez

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