Would West Ham United be crazy to pay £12 million for this Arsenal star?

Date: 21st January 2015 at 6:30 pm
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Carl JenkinsonWest Ham United are hardly out of the headlines these days.

The media and fans are talking about their rather lofty ambitions, their progress this season and now, their transfer plans.

One of the most immediate things the club will want to resolve, if not this winter then certainly come the summer, is the future of on loan defender Carl Jenkinson, who of course belongs to Arsenal.

Sam Allardyce is keen to take the player on a permanent deal, but given Jenkinson’s parent club values him at around £12 million, a final solution to the Jenkinson loan deal is some way off yet.

Whilst the player may be someone West Ham want to land, his price tag is not one they are willing to pay according to the Daily Mail.

Given the defender has already made more appearances this season than the entire duration of last season’s Premier League, you would think the player himself would be on board with any permanent move across London.

Jenkinson has seen his game develop at West Ham under the tutelage of Sam Allardyce and the fact that he is able to play week in, week out clearly helps his craft – as it would any young player.

Returning to Arsenal now would only hinder him further.

West Ham meanwhile are a club going places. They want to not only push for European football but actually achieve it and are even looking to win the league in the coming seasons.

Obviously this will take a huge amount of investment and the owners are on board with that – but before any world class stars are signed, it is worth noting that Jenkinson has been a major part of the club’s success this term – and shelling out £12 million for him may not seem a huge step forward but if you consider their budget and where the club was last season, it really is.

Jenkinson himself seems to be open to pushing for the move and has made it very clear that he won’t spend another season on the bench, and that will play into the east London club’s hands and potentially even allow some negotiating room with Arsenal in terms of the price.

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5 thoughts on “Would West Ham United be crazy to pay £12 million for this Arsenal star?

  • Philtheiron
    9 years ago

    Pretty stupid post really!
    Especially as arsenal are not asking £12mil for Jenks and we have no intention of paying this amount for him! COYI!

    • colesey72
      9 years ago

      personally i think our transformation has largely come from cresswell and jenkinson……that ability to switch from attack to defence is huge and we need jenkinson……reckon 9m would be a steal for a GOOD young player…

  • Midoki
    9 years ago

    Returning to Arsenal would hinder him?

    Yes we have Debuchery and Bellerin and Chambers for RB but this would allow for Chambers to be a full CB and for Bellerin to go out on loan to a EPL team so he can develop a bit more to become a international contender.

    Jenkinson stepped up when Sagna was out with a broken leg, Wenger seen this and he isn’t blind… unlike a lot of media writers!

    Sagna came back and Jenkinson form dipped when he played a bit role, he has the potential as he had performed when played regular but he needed a bit more time to develop.

    With the loss of the experienced Sagna at the end of the season and funds being made available kind of forced Wenger into buying a ready made replacement to fit in and play at a consistantly high level… unfortunatly for us Debuchy has suffered from injury.

    So if we assume Bellerin can go out on loan next season then we would have Debuchy and Jenkinson for RB, Jenkinson should have developed enough so we can rely on him to rotate with Debuchy while last season his form was off when called upon… Player development, do you understand?

    So in this thought experiement we have a 30 year old RB and a 23 year old RB while having a great 20 year old potential out on loan gaining experience (hopefully by loaning to a EPL team, like we have done with Jenkinson).

    The year after that and Debuchy is 31… Would it surprise people if we sold him then if we had Jenkinson(who would be 24) and Bellerin(who would now be 21) performing to their potential?

    Would fit the model of developing players as well, we did it for Wilshere if you care to recall…

    • jack
      9 years ago

      But it said Westham fans ?

  • jack
    9 years ago

    Yes I do I hope we can negotiate a better deal but he is one of the best English right necks their are COYI


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