Arsene Wenger hits back at critics – but is he right to do so?

Date: 2nd December 2014 at 6:00 am
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wenger happyArsene Wenger is never one to shy away from handing his opinion out and it seems that he is making it his mission to tell each and every person who has doubted him exactly how wrong they are.

The Arsenal boss has been hitting back in recent weeks and after being slaughtered for his tactical knowledge – or indeed lack of it – he has made it very clear that there has only been one manager responsible for Arsenal’s success and it has been him.

The Frenchman defiantly claimed: ‘I can do my job. I do my job with total commitment, I would like you to live with me and see for seven days what kind of work we produce and you will see that it is total commitment.’

He also made reference to the growing number of people who have questioned if he can compete with the likes of Jose Mourinho tactically and quipped: ‘I started to manage a team at the top level in 1983. If I am completely useless tactically, I am a genius. I can hide it very well.

‘Look, in the last 15 years we are qualified for the last 16 in the Champions League. Give me another club who has done that.’

One thing that Wenger did not mention however is the length of time that his club had gone without winning a trophy – and the fact that they have not come close to the Premier League title in a fair while – not to mention crashing out of the Champions League time and time again, despite getting into the knockout stages.

It is precisely that mentality that has fans questioning if Wenger should be left to his own devices unchecked and unchallenged at the north London side or if a greater sense of accountability is needed – or a new manager and regime all together.

Judging by his comments, the man himself certainly does not seem to think so – but it will take far more than a few defiant words to change the tide of fan opinion against him. That, if nothing else, is something Wenger can count on.

Arsenal fans. Do you think that Wenger deserves to still be in a job at the club? Should anyone have the right to question him? Let us know your thoughts below, become a guest blogger or tweet us @LaFootyettes.

6 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger hits back at critics – but is he right to do so?

  • Delford Magaya
    10 years ago

    Wenger asked a very good question, he said, QUOTE give me one team which have a record like Arsenal UNQUOTE the writers continue to talk about nine years without a trophy, but they forget that, Wenger is a master planner, who initiated the move to build such a huge stadium and people do not take that into consideration that Arsenal were busy planning for the future and they did not want to continue buying players, I understand everyone is aware Arsenal were busy selling players to make sure they finish building the Stadium which makes them one of the best clubs in the world because of the Emirates Stadium, while building a stadium from scratch. The Emirates Stadium was not a renovated Stadium, it was built from nothing. Those with NARROW MIND, they do not take such HUGE investment into consideration to determine why the club have not been buying good players during those years, it is always nothing to those without PROPER REASONING CAPACITY. It is not their fault, it is because they way they think. Now Arsenal is buying players each year, to show their planning is in process and they will continue to build like that. The investment of Emirates Stadium is 100 times more than those who have won trophies. Tell me one of the coaches who have done that in the world? Not even one, none at all. It is about the progress of the club and they qualified in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE for the past 15 years, even if they were busy selling players and building a news Stadium, they continued to collect huge amount from the Champions League. I feel sorry for those with no record of Arsenal statistics, If it was not for Wenger, Arsenal would have still playing at Highbury Stadium by now. Where you going to be a successful club playing in such a small Stadium? “No, not at all’. So open your mind guys and have broad reasoning capacity, not narrow minded one.

  • ljstevens
    10 years ago

    he’s an idiot,we need a new manager ASAP

  • Johnny Ring
    10 years ago

    I think m. Wenger has lost his winning mentality. You can not say that you are a top level club if you are satisfied to be no 4 in PL or just qualify for quarter final in CL. Why is Rosicky and Podolski not been used when matches need another direction in style.There have been so many players that have not even getting a fair chance to show what they can bring to the club. I hope this is the last season with Wenger.

  • REMY
    10 years ago

    Wenger should just pack and go he has become old enough to inject ideas to the team.He is seeing clearly that the team do not have defensive MD and CB to replace incase pierre or laurent is injured.He is mean and only want to make money and not trophies for the club.

  • ayorinde rotimi
    10 years ago

    Wenger should resign because he has noting to offer the fan ‘ his pattern of playing has old.

  • ashraf
    10 years ago

    Arsene should just leave enough is enough. This is a man who goes into the market in search of a defensive midfielder but comes up with a winger. And he has done that for 8 years now. Thats rubbish and are tired


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