Spain’s Ramos BLASTS Chelsea duo – but is bang out of order for doing so

Date: 13th November 2014 at 9:00 pm
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costa spainAnother international break and another spat between club and country.

Whilst this is becoming pretty standard it is Chelsea who are involved in such argument this time, and despite manager Jose Mourinho claiming that he had nothing to do with the omissions of both Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas from the Spain squad, Sergio Ramos seems to feel differently.

The comments follow Spain manager Vicente Del Bosque’s, who strongly criticised Cesc for leaving the squad – and despite Ramos claiming: ‘As captain I’m not the right person to talk about it – these are sensitive issues.

‘I may have my opinion but I’m not going to say what it is,’ he promptly goes on to do just that and deliver a rather lengthy passage of fairly inflammatory quotes that are bad enough when read as a whole, but individually, they are as divisive and damning as they come.

He noted: ‘I’d like to see the same commitment to the national team as there is to clubs.

‘It can create some doubt. Not only among team-mates, but among the supporters. Issues like these spark debate.

‘I think it’s better as long as it doesn’t give a false impression to the fans and your team-mates.’

Ramos is fully aware of just how these remarks will be perceived in the press, both in Spain and abroad, yet made them anyway – and was fairly misguided to do so.

For a start, it is hardly the World Cup final – it is one Euro qualifier against Belarus at home – and one that Spain will be expected to overcome and have plenty of strength in depth to do so and yet another mickey mouse friendly that, come the end of the day, means absolutely nothing.

It is also worth noting that Costa did play through injury during the World Cup in Brazil and risked his fitness for this campaign because of it. Sergio Ramos of course fails to mention this.

He also fails to note the fuss his beloved Real Madrid kicked up – and quite rightly – over the concerns surrounding their star man Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer with his fitness under question.

The old club over country debate is something that has rolled on and on – and we all remember the Michael Owen injury that caused a massive change up and debate over compensation for clubs from FIFA and at the end of the day, it is the club who pays a player’s wages. It should be a club who has the final call on if they think a player is fit or not.

Chelsea have only just welcomed Costa back from the last injury he suffered playing for La Roja – and it is a long term injury that requires long term management and rest – and you can fully understand why his club are unwilling to see Mourinho’s sarcastic remark of getting the player fit in time for the next international break come to pass.

Cesc meanwhile has seen more respect and love from Chelsea in a couple of months than he has from Spain in his whole career who never seem to know where to play him or if they even want to at all- and you cannot blame him for wanting to return to Cobham and work on the niggle that he feels before the Blues next league game against West Bromwich Albion.

Tests in Madrid may show nothing wrong with the player but surely Cesc’s mind and body can tell him more than a medic can about his current condition? Not according to Ramos, who can now add medical expert to his growing CV that also includes vice president of the rebellion that would make Katniss and co proud during Jose Mourinho’s time at the Bernabeu.

Clearly as with so much involving the Spanish national side, it is one rule for one, another for others.

The debate of club v country will roll on and on, with Steven Gerrard often being accused of putting Liverpool before England amongst countless others, but until the pointless international breaks stop, until the ridiculous friendlies that only serve to notch up more goals for Wayne Rooney against an opposition who have other professions stop, until the utter debacle that is FIFA changes, who can blame players?

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3 thoughts on “Spain’s Ramos BLASTS Chelsea duo – but is bang out of order for doing so

  • Taiwo Victor
    9 years ago

    I think they have done the right thing, why should a player play when he is not feeling fine. Moreover the club is the one paying the big money.

  • Michael
    9 years ago

    Ramos is a stupid player among the Spanish players, how can they expect club to spend so much money on player and allow country to spoiled their carrier. If they like they shuld drop them , afterall the player no his body condition

  • abas yomi
    9 years ago

    Why should a player risk his health just because of a match? Sergio ramos must have something battling his mind towards d special one if not he won’t have spoken so locally. D duo had done d best thing. D club spends more more so if d country feel dey gat their trust no more let dem drop them


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