Relax Arsenal fans, Wenger WILL buy in the transfer window

Date: 28th November 2014 at 4:30 pm
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Things are only going to go down from here. LiterallyArsenal fans often wonder when they will actually be able to smile again and not just because they are taking the old ‘if you did not laugh, you would cry’ adage seriously, but it seems their manager is trying to make sure they have a happy New Year at the very least.

Given the sheer amount of injuries – and lack of form – Arsenal’s first team squad have suffered from this season, it would stand to reason that any normal manager would dip into the transfer market, but with Arsene Wenger, you never quite know.

Luckily for Arsenal fans, the Gunners boss has made it clear that he WILL be buying this winter – although it may only be one player and even more worrying for the Arsenal fans, he thinks that Nacho Monreal is doing well at the heart of the defence.

The long serving (or suffering depending on how you look at it) Arsenal boss spoke about the injuries his players have fallen foul of and claimed: ‘January might be a month when we have nearly everybody back because [Laurent] Koscielny is back in the squad, [Mathieu] Debuchy will be back I think in two weeks,

‘We have gone through a period where we are very short but we discovered as well that players have learnt their job well in the centre back position, like [Nacho] Monreal and he is doing very well now.’

Speaking about the upcoming transfer window, he noted:  ‘In January we will of course try to get at least one body in.’

Now whilst we think that Wenger certainly has a point when it comes to his side and their injuries, the fact that he seems to think the likes of Monreal can continue on as they are certainly gives us some cause for concern and we are willing to bet the majority of Arsenal fans share those sentiments!

Arsenal fans. What do you need this winter? Which names are on the top of your transfer wishlist? Let us know your thoughts below or tweet us @LaFootyettes.

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