Five of the best Q&A responses Arsenal defender Nacho Monreal got on Twitter

Date: 6th November 2014 at 6:57 pm
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The fans love him so much, they worry over his futureAfter having one of the worst weeks in their recent history, Arsenal fans cannot be blamed for lashing out at their club.

However, Arsenal being Arsenal decided that it was a good idea to hold a couple of Q&A sessions on Twitter involving skipper Mikel Arteta and defender Nacho Monreal.

Now the Gunners fans warmed themselves up when trolling their captain, but it was defender Monreal who really came in for some serious flack, with fans trolling him left, right and centre, making fun of his defensive abilities and asking what he planned on doing when he was axed from the club.

Because we are so kind, for your viewing pleasure, we have picked five of the funniest tweets put to Monreal.

Click on ‘victim’ Monreal to unveil our favourite five responses.

Is your contract up yet?

Arsenal fans. Should you have held a Q&A session after such a bad week? Let us know your thoughts below or tweet us @LaFootyettes.

One thought on “Five of the best Q&A responses Arsenal defender Nacho Monreal got on Twitter

  • Ogban
    10 years ago

    Very unfair on Nacho IMO. This guy is being played out of position for crying out loud. You dont’t become a top CB overnight. I’d rather blame the manager who inexplicably refused to buy a CB in the summer but sticks to his notorious gambling runs. Lay off the lad please. He is a decent LB. leave him there.


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