Five things Manchester City HAVE to do stop Chelsea winning the title

Date: 27th October 2014 at 4:01 pm
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Keep Frank Lampard for the whole seasonManchester City seem to have a bit of an issue when it comes to defending their titles.

Their first attempt at trying to retain the Premier League crown saw Roberto Mancini’s reign stutter and draw towards its end and this time around it seems successor Manuel Pellegrini is not doing that much better.

City are dropping points left, right and centre both at home and away, domestically and in Europe, so where is it all going wrong for the team who were so lethal last season?

It is not like Pellegrini did not spend in the summer – he did. He also tied down his key men to new, long term deals, so what exactly is the issue? Yes, Chelsea have been good, but even if they had not, City have been poor by their standards.

Luckily for them, rivals Manchester United did them a favour and took a point from Chelsea at the death, meaning the gap is six and not a very daunting eight points between the two favourites – and we think City could still have a chance if they get their acts together.

With that in mind, we have come up with five key things that Manuel Pellegrini and his men need to ensure happen to turn their season around.

Click on Yaya Toure to unveil the five things we think City simply HAVE to do in order to keep their title.

Do not lose faith

Manchester City fans. Can you actually manage to retain the title? Is it even possible after your awful start? Let us know your thoughts below or tweet us @LaFootyettes.

3 thoughts on “Five things Manchester City HAVE to do stop Chelsea winning the title

  • Alan
    10 years ago

    Just for your information Rebecca, City were in 7th place at this stage of the season having less points than they do now they’d lost 3 games and in the Champs league they’d lost 1 game same as this year in a much easier group. Arsenal were 6 point ahead of City the same as Chelsea now everyone was convinced Chelsea would win the title saying City would be lucky to get 4th. So clearly city were not ‘lethal’! Funny you don’t seem to remember, but it’s identical to last year, ‘look at City’s dodgy defence’ and ‘they won’t win because they don’t score enough goals’ they said, only to finish with the second best defence in the Div and the highest goals for. These facts make you article look a little silly. Does this sound familiar to you though? No? Well carry on then and in the last three weeks you can pretend you said City to win all along, like you probably did last year.

  • Agureooooo
    10 years ago

    I think you’ve not understood the point of the post. It’s five things to do so we can win the PL not five reasons we won’t. It says ‘we still think they have a chance’

    • Alan
      10 years ago

      No I was answering specifically this…’City are dropping points left, right and centre both at home and away, domestically and in Europe, so where is it all going wrong for the team who were so lethal last season?’ They are not different than last season in fact you could argue they’re better.
      Last season Pellegrini told the media Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea will drop points and they did many more than city after this point. The only thing City need to do is what they did last year, don’t listen to a media that’s keen for them to fail, it was how great are Mourinho’s mind games then ‘Win it for Gerrard’ etc.
      Utd took points off a Chelsea who were fortunate to get points from City and even Palace were a bit unlucky against them, true they have looked good in some games but not too clever in others. City have gears to go up like last year and the years before they finish well, Utd had an 8 pt lead at one point. This year City have played 6 out of the top ten 3 of them being top five the rest mid table without a single bottom 5 team yet. Long story short City fixtures have been much more demanding than Chelsea’s. They don’t need to do 5 anything’s they just need not to listen to media rubbish and take it one game at a time. This would be a refreshing view for someone in the media to have but not a chance as it wouldn’t be popular, after all the £550m (the most expensive ever in England) squad of Utd are along with Southampton (rightfully but won’t last as we all know) somehow the good old plucky underdogs, Mourinho is a genius with no peers (last season forgotten fast), Big Sam’s would now actually get the Real (in his head) job as he’s 4th after 9 games and Pellegrini? Well he’s the quiet man who ignores the mind games of others. What chance has he got? I mean It’s not Like he did much last year is it?

      What a waffle!


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