Five things Arsene Wenger needs to change for Arsenal to start winning

Date: 19th October 2014 at 6:03 pm
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Admit his own failings Another weekend, another couple of points dropped for Arsenal and boss Arsene Wenger.

It may have looked like things were finally turning a corner after the FA Cup victory over Hull of all people at the end of last season, but facing their FA Cup final opponents again showed just how their failings of last season have carried forward to this one – and how badly things need to change.

The Gunners are a massive eleven points behind league leaders Chelsea and have won only TWO games this season, meaning the title is long gone.

With Manchester United getting better and better and Liverpool still a threat, even their beloved top four spot is coming under threat, and with that in mind we have come up with five things we think Arsenal need to get sorted before their season really starts.

Click on Alexis Sanchez to see the five things we think that Wenger needs to do and fast to get Arsenal winning games.

Make Alexis the star man

Arsenal fans. Just what will your season hold? Is the top four the very best you can hope for? Let us know your thoughts below or tweet us @LaFootyettes.

2 thoughts on “Five things Arsene Wenger needs to change for Arsenal to start winning

  • sunny
    10 years ago

    Arsene Wenger has lost it all. He should honourable step aside. He buys player and play them out of wings or positions. If the team those players were bought from had played them out of positions, would he have bought the players? Wait for it, the moment OG comes back from injury, welbeck will be adequately benched. Wenger has lost it long ago and the board should be bold enough to sack him politely.

  • Asiga washington
    10 years ago

    It is high time that Wenger should go.At the moment ,the only problem facing Arsenal is Wenger


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