Arsenal ready to SACK Wenger and hire Ancelotti?

Date: 22nd October 2014 at 4:00 pm
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Wenger always loses the transfer window battleMetro have literally stunned Arsenal fans after claiming that Arsene Wenger could well be AXED by the north London club and replaced with Carlo Ancelotti.

The Real Madrid manager of course knows the Premier League well after leading Chelsea to the double and subsequently being axed for failing to live up to his own standards – and now it seems that he could well be on his way back to England with the Gunners.

Ancelotti has expressed an interest in coming back to the Premier League and is coming under increasing pressure at Real Madrid after winning the Champions League last season – and as the La Liga side have shown time and time again, they always want more.

Many a better manager has faced the chop after winning a Liga title or European Cup and failing to recreate the success or style of play the season after and Ancelotti is only too aware of this.

The chance to replace Wenger at Arsenal could appeal to him – the club are certainly more stable than Chelsea were during his time there and the same has to be said for Real Madrid when it comes to their hiring and firing policy.

The Gunners may be struggling this season, but as many people have pointed out, the issue (along with their injuries obviously) seems to be their manager.

Wenger is now in such a position of authority at the club that he does not seem to answer to anyone – the draw to Hull saw just what his response was when someone dared to question him and his players were also gagged from speaking to the media as a result of this.

They are not too far away from being a very decent side indeed and certainly one that could challenge for the title – and it seems that the Arsenal board are beginning to also feel that Wenger is one of the issues holding them back.

Ancelotti has reportedly been offered substantial funds to improve the squad and would have free reign on just who he wanted to buy, meaning that he would theoretically have more autonomy than at his current cub.

Football is without a doubt an unpredictable business, and no club can shock more than Real Madrid, meaning that should Arsenal really want the Italian to succeed Wenger, they may just have to bide their time.
Wenger meanwhile will probably just carry on sticking his head deeper and deeper into the sand meaning that the only trophy he would be in contention for would be one for the best ostrich impression.

Arsenal fans. Do you think that the former Chelsea manager would be able to lead you to the Premier League title? Is this something that needs to happen? Let us know your thoughts below or tweet us @LaFootyettes.

4 thoughts on “Arsenal ready to SACK Wenger and hire Ancelotti?

  • Stephen Qureshi
    10 years ago

    Sack Arsene Wenger!
    We Gotta Sack Arsene Wenger!
    Sack Arsene Wenger!
    We Gotta Sack Arsene Wenger!

    I can imagine that beautifull song already…

    10 years ago

    no, no and no.
    we want Wenger for more than 30years.

  • Sam Akowe
    10 years ago

    This is probably one of those rumors flying about. However, were it to be true, it will be a welcome news. Personally, I believe the biggest problem Arsenal have is ARSENE WENGER. Arsenal will not do well as long as he remains the Manager

    10 years ago

    thats absolutely very wrong WENGER only needs to be given enough money so he can buy great players to compete with other clubs.sucking WENGER is not a solution but giving him enough money will be the best solution one can do.i love WENGER, he knows football the guy is absolutely good.he has no where to go we dont need whats happening with MAN U.


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