Same old, same old for Arsenal fans this transfer window

Date: 4th September 2014 at 5:17 pm
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Arsene WengerJust what is Arsene Wenger doing?

That seems to be the question on the mouth of most football fans, let alone Arsenal ones, who cannot seem to get much out bar curses and indeed lamentations that yet another transfer window has passed with more empty promises.

That seems to be the standard transfer window in the season of Arsenal fans. Hope, expectation and then disappointment. Well, that along with fourth place, obviously.

The Gunners were in dire need of some top quality talent all over the field this summer and had the cash to spend.

It actually started out quite well, with Arsene Wenger making his usual promises and bringing in Barcelona star Alexis Sanchez. Not too shabby.

Sami Khedira, Marco Reus, Edinson Cavani, Loic Remy and Radamel Falcao were all subsequently linked to the club, and all to no avail.

Transfer deadline day came and went and the north London faithful saw their side miss out on Manchester United bound Radamel Falcao whilst they had to go right down to the wire to sign United reject Danny Welbeck for £16 million. The same amount Liverpool paid for Mario Balotelli. Who Wenger turned down not once, but twice. Now who would you rather have?

Wenger, of course, is determined to go it his own way. In a game where managers can be stubborn and pig headed enough to lose their jobs, it is a small miracle that Arsenal still have a man who has stayed his own course through nine trophyless years at the helm.

The Gunners are Wenger. Wenger is Arsenal. After the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, he is the manager with the single most powerful position at any club in the game. Everything runs through him and everyone answers to him. In an age of the Director of Football, Wenger has rebuffed any and all attempts of interference, but to what end?

Arsenal fans flirt with ‘Wenger In, Wenger Out’ hashtags on twitter and can never really seem to make their minds up one way or another.

A good win here, some fancy football there and he is back in favour. Likewise, a couple of heavy defeats against their rivals and the wolves are out.

The FA Cup may have given Wenger some time, some renewed hope in his supporter’s eyes. It will not buy him forever. The fans are on the edge and another season of scraping fourth will not be enough.  And now he knows it.

Arsenal fans. What do you think of your transfer window performance? Was it same old Wenger? Let us know your thoughts below or tweet us @LaFootyettes.

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