Chelsea sit top of the table and top of the transfer pile to boot

Date: 3rd September 2014 at 1:00 pm
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Chelsea vs leicesterJose Mourinho is a winner, that much is for sure, but in the last two seasons he has failed to actually accumulate more silverware for his overflowing cabinet.

In fact, so kind is the Special One that he even gave Arsene Wenger a chance to break his nine year long drought. Now however Jose is back with a bang.

Back as the undisputed winner of the transfer window and back where he feels he belongs – on the top of the table.

Chelsea, thus far this season, have been ominous.

That, more than any other adjective is the best way to describe a Mourinho team when they are on a roll. They defend well – Everton mishap aside. They score goals. They look creative and have guile. But most of all, they look like winners.

Porto did, Chelsea 1.0 did during their two processions to the title under Mourinho, Real Madrid did in their 100 point record breaking season and now this Chelsea side look like doing so as well.

Mourinho knows this season is make or break for him and his team – and he had some pretty big decisions to make. He made them all and he made them well.

Installing Thibaut Courtois as his number one keeper was the right decision.

The Belgian is the future of the club and Petr Cech has enough love for the club, not to mention a healthy respect for Mourinho, an IQ and a will to fight for his place to be happy – for now. Come January or the end of the season, things may work out differently, but for now, it is all fine and dandy in the Chelsea camp.

Mourinho also brought in players he wanted – and what a masterstroke landing Arsenal and Barcelona reject Cesc Fabregas was. He also decided that Diego Costa was his forward of choice – and again, that seems like a masterstroke.

It was the summer were Radamel Falcao, Edinson Cavani, Ezequiel Lavezzi and Mario Balotelli were available. Mourinho chose Costa as his man and it seems that the beast is doing the business. He has settled in seamlessly and looks like he was made for life in the Premier League.

Cesc meanwhile looks like he has been a Chelsea player his entire life. Well done Arsene, you passed over a top class player in order to accommodate Mesut Ozil, who now gets shunted on the left and gave Mourinho the missing piece of his puzzle. Astounding work, even for you.

The only lingering question Chelsea fans and indeed their rivals had was about the lack of forwards – yet now they have Loic Remy to add to Costa and Didier Drogba.They have also gotten rid of Fernando Torres. FINALLY.

Not only that, but Mourinho has pulled off a masterstroke by selling David Luiz and Juan Mata at far more than they should have been worth. Chelsea, for once, have actually been fairly economically sound during a transfer window. First time for everything and all that!

We now enter into an international break and both Mourinho and Chelsea fans will be feeling confident about their opening three games.

A trip to Goodsion Park is never easy. Nor, given the Blues’ performances last season, is facing two sides who will be fighting off relegation. They managed both. In fact, they are unbeaten and have the maximum points available whilst those around them – including the defending Champions – have fallen.

Tougher tests will be ahead for Mourinho and his men, but for now, they can sit back and enjoy whilst the pack scramble to match their electric start.

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