Even Ashley Cole finds the funny side of these trolls!

Date: 2nd August 2014 at 5:22 pm
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He recently claimed that English players do not move abroad because they are too scared – well after seeing the Roma team photo, with Ashley Cole looking rather out of place and awkward, perhaps English players have a point!

Cole made the switch to Serie A after being released by Chelsea and clearly has not slotted in quite as well as he may have liked! Despite that, and the many, many internet virals that have trolled the defender since, Cole seems to have taken it in good spirits.

The normally touchy left back even took to retweeting some of the best images he came across and took particular delight in one showing him lurking in the background of his former wife Cheryl’s photo showing off her new husband and wedding ring!

Well Cole may find that funny, but we don’t think poor Cheryl will, especially given all the trouble she had with the naughty footballer, who certainly enjoyed playing away from home a little bit too much during their marriage!

At least it got Cole’s endorsement!

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