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Date: 19th August 2014 at 9:37 pm
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FabregasTwo words describe the performances Cesc Fabregas has produced since pulling on the blue of Chelsea. Pure class.

He may not have gotten his chances at Barcelona – and as Jose Mourinho rightly said, was misused when he did – but for Chelsea, the midfielder is the string puller, the puppet master, the maestro.

Everything good about Chelsea goes through their number four and they look a class above for it.

Mourinho wanted Cesc badly this summer and given their previous, shall we say, tiffs, it was hard to see why. Now it has all become so clear.

Cesc, maybe more so than Costa, was the missing piece in Mourinho’s Chelsea puzzle. Yes, he needed a top forward to score, and whilst it may win them titles, it would not have elevated their play to another level. The acquisition of Cesc however has done that in spades.

In fact, the Blues are very nearly playing sexy football. Under Mourinho. Who would have thought it. Before Mourinho knows it, they will be critically acclaimed as well.

All through pre-season the Spaniard showed just how good he can be and how he can pick a pass, score a goal and pull the strings like no other, and after his performance against Burnley, everyone else is seeing it too.

So Arsene, do you regret passing him over now?

Chelsea fans. Just how good do you think Cesc can be for you? Is he the player you have been waiting for? Let us know your thoughts below or tweet us @LaFootyettes.

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