#ThingsTimHowardCouldSave goes viral – and there is no wonder!

Date: 2nd July 2014 at 11:51 am
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This has been a World Cup for goalkeepers there is no doubt about it. We have had Memo Ochoa, or as he is now known in his home country and on his Wikipedia page, Jesus. Julio Cesar and Keylor Navas have also had their moment in the spotlight, but no one has impressed more than Tim Howard.

During the USA’s clash against Belgium, the Everton stopper was called ‘dope’ on Twitter by Timberland and is still trending a day later. He was epic, making 16 saves, the most that has been made in a single World Cup match since records began. Pretty impressive by anyone’s standards.

Not only did his name trend on social media, but he also found himself the subject of a hashtag dedicated to him – #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave – and there were some pretty funny ones in there too.

Twitter has exploded during the World Cup, and whilst some players have found themselves subject to a couple of rather harsh virals, others have become sensations in the best was possible – and this collection of the best virals shows that is exactly what has happened to Howard.

According to the Twitter community, he could not only save Taylor Swift from being accosted by Kanye West, Mufasa from his death and Janet Jackson from her ‘wardrobe malfunction’ but he could also save Chiellini from Suarez’ appetite and the Titanic from sinking!

Here is the #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave viral courtesy of @BBCSport for you to enjoy.

tim howard best viral

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