Arjen Robben took a tumble once again but is he right to do so?

Date: 1st July 2014 at 5:15 pm
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robben dive mexTo dive or not to dive. That is the question. According to Arjen Robben the answer is always yes.

The Dutch winger caused mass controversy by taking a dive during the knockout game against Mexico and winning the penalty that send Louis van Gaal’s men through – and it was not for the first time that match.

Bayern Munich star Robben had taken a tumble a couple of times prior and frankly was looking for a penalty. If at first you don’t succeed Arjen, try and try again.

Of course, anyone who followed the Premier League during Robben’s time with Chelsea will know the player has a reputation for not only being rather tricky and talented on the ball, but also for being a bit of a diver – and during the match against Holland, Tom Daley was trending solely because of comparisons to Robben. Not good Arjen, not good.

Mexico and their beloved coach predictably hit the roof and claimed that it was not a penalty – and the argument for video technology once again reared its head. Well the problem there is show 100 people that ‘penalty’ and 50 will tell you it was, 50 will tell you it was not.

Contentious decisions are part of football, as is human error, but the latter could be eradicated with the introduction of more technology.

Robben apologised for diving after the game – but stopped short of saying he dived for the penalty. According to him, that was a foul, but the ones before were not. Quite what that says about Robben is debatable but there you go.

Again, that is something people seem to be disagreeing on.

The purists seem to think that such game play is destroying football and placing a rather ugly slant on the beautiful game. Others seem to think it is a part of football now, rightly or wrongly, and we need to embrace it and if the opposition are willing to go down at the slightest touch and win an advantage, so should you.

Hardly the best thing to hear but perhaps a necessary discussion about football today? Robben and the Dutch seem to think so and when it comes down to it, they are the ones in the last 8, not Mexico.

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