Yes they are clinical, but can Germany actually go on and win it this time?

Date: 20th June 2014 at 9:00 am
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ger wcNailed on for at least the quarter finals. If you heard that statement about any national side in the world, who comes to mind?

For most people that would be Germany, who no matter how good or indeed bad their squad seems to be, will march right on through the qualifying stages, through the group stages, through the first knock out round and into the business end of a competition.

They are clinical. They are efficient. They take no prisoners. If fact, if Bastian Schweinsteiger had been leading the march of the SS all those years ago, the landscape of Europe might look fairly different right now.

The German national team are nothing if not effective. There aren’t really that many shocks or surprises watching them or even being a German fan.

Their players, most of whom are from Bayern Munich or indeed another club in the top echelons of European football, are used to winning. It is not a novelty concept for them. They think they can beat the best. They think they are the best.

Can you imagine Manuel Neuer going into a competition and thinking he would be anything less than the absolute best? That would be a no.

Their defence is solid in terms of their positioning, their defending from dead balls and their ability to play the ball forward.

Their midfield boasts some of the most coveted names in football and there is little wonder. The shield in front of the back four is, at times, impenetrable. They also have a fair bit of creative talent and flair in there as well with Mesut Ozil not too shabby when it comes to providing the assists either.

Up top, they have the likes of Lukas Podolski, Klose and indeed Thomas Muller, who despite not technically being an out and out striker has now managed to get eight goals in seven World Cup games – and looks like he may well get a second Golden Boot in a row. Pretty impressive really.

They have had a few injuries to contend with – and late ones at that. The departure of Marco Reus, the late injury to Bastian who of course was not fit enough to start the opening game and also the substitution of Mats Hummels have all been concerns.

‘Concerns’ for a side that have battered Portugal 4-0 do not sound that major, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Cristiano Ronaldo would be grateful to such concerns!

Of course, the issue for the Germans is the fact that they manage to get to the latter stages of the final but fail to actually win tournaments.

Now with Spain faltering and the pressure on South American favourites, the chances of Germany sneaking past the semi-finals and into the final should not be discounted – mind you they could just as easily crash out in the first knock out stage – this is the World Cup of surprises after all!

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