Would you watch disgraced former England skipper John Terry give his views on the World Cup?

Date: 4th June 2014 at 1:03 pm
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John Terry 2Just as we thought that we had gotten rid of one unpopular pundit, another seems set to arrive with John Terry the odds on favourite to replace Roy Keane as the ITV World Cup pundit.

Keane has stepped down due to closing in on the number two job at Aston Villa and whilst that is understandable, for Terry to be the one that comes in and takes over is certainly a bit of a risky move to say the very least.

Terry was at one time the man who England fans looked to when the country needed leadership on the football field but after a list of indiscretions ranging from Iniesta sized all the way  up to being as big as the real Ronaldo, the Chelsea defender lost his armband and place in the national team.

Now to potentially bring him into the fold as a pundit represents a hugely controversial measure and one that becomes all the more intriguing given Terry would be in direct competition with Rio Ferdinand who is working across at the BBC.

Give Terry’s history with the Ferdinand family, we are not sure that would be the wisest move by ITV but then again the defender’s views on the game cannot be faulted. In fact, there are a fair few people who would claim Terry should be in Brazil – but as a player given an excellent season at club level.

He certainly knows the England camp and indeed how it works – not to mention a thing or two about winning trophies (well with Chelsea at least) meaning that Terry could provide the experience and knowledge that ITV are looking for.

He also still plays the game – and understands what it takes to be a modern day player and that is something certain pundits have been accused of forgetting altogether.

However, Terry was also the player who lead a mutiny back in 2010 against then manager Fabio Capello and of course quit the international set up altogether in 2012 after failing to feel backed after his court case and FA case following allegations of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand. Some will tell you that those are the very least of Terry’s problems and indeed would veto is appointment as a pundit altogether simply because of who he is.

Chelsea’s skipper is certainly a controversial appointment and one that may well make or break the battle between ITV and the BBC should he get the job.

England fans. Would you watch Terry on the TV talking about England and their World Cup chances? Should Terry have been on the plane to Brazil as a player? Let us know your thoughts below.

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