What has been good, bad and downright awful – from a Chelsea fan

Date: 1st June 2014 at 3:11 pm
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Jose Mourinho (Chelsea)It seemed like the season would deliver so much.

Jose Mourinho was back, the Fat Spanish Waiter had been sent back to the restaurant and Chelsea fans were once again hoping that the glory days were back – well domestically at least, given the club won back to back European trophies.

The season did not quite pan out as expected, and despite some very high moments, there were also some shockingly low ones – mostly connected to the forwards and their utter ineptitude.

With that in mind, here is a season review from the point of a Chelsea fan (yes, I am one to the moon and back if you had not already guessed.)

Best moment of the season?

The first game against Hull was special with Jose back where he belonged, the Demba Ba goal against Liverpool after that slip was brilliant but for pure ecstasy, the win against PSG at the Bridge wins hands down.

Best goal of the season?

Demba Ba. PSG. Enough said. Mikel came close with an impressive finish that would put our forwards to shame – not that it is difficult to do that.

Best result?

Battering Arsenal was obviously brilliant – but expected. We tended to be a Robin Hood type club, taking points from the rich to give to the poor so in terms of best result there were a fair few.

I would actually pick the 1-0 against Everton after the JT goal. It seemed like it would be the title winning moment. Sadly after the various lost points to the dregs of the league, it was not.

Best player?

No doubt in my mind. Cesar Azpilicueta. Stunning. Consistent. Ever present. As Mourinho said, eleven Azpi’s would win the Champions League!

Azpi aside, Gerrard. The boy now has two assists and one goal for Chelsea, without even putting the blue shirt on.

Worst moment?

The 2-1 loss to Sunderland. At home. That record meant so much to Chelsea fans and Mourinho and it was lost with a penalty that should never have been and shocking goalkeeping. Cech’s absence ko’d any title chances we had. That being said, Chris Foy the Chelsea destroyer did not exactly make the Palace game a joy to watch either.

Worst result?

Where to begin. The loss to Sunderland, the dropped points to West Brom, West Ham, Crystal Palace, Newcastle… the list goes on and on.

Worst player?

Mohamed Salah if we discount the forwards. If not, Nando. It will be the only award he ever wins at Chelsea as an individual player make no mistake.

Biggest f**k up?

Discounting Petr Cech getting injured? Dropping points to all the lower sides. It killed us. Those West Brom points alone…

Although the Lukaku loan deal and lack of a recall in January comes close. Not to mention the idiot who drew up the agreement allowing Courtois to play against us.

Funniest moment?

We all know the chant. ‘Stevie Gerrard, Gerrard….’

What needs to change?

The forwards. Obviously. Oscar and Hazard need to give Harry Potter his cloak of invisibility back at times too. Chelsea have to replace Lampard’s goals too. That is none negotiable.

What needs to stay the same?

The back four. Maybe a utility defender needs to come in, but Azpi should stay exactly where he is. £20 million plus on a left back is madness.

Who should go?

Every single forward. It is a travesty that Torres seems to be staying. The Ba inclusion is warranted I suppose as long as two world class forwards come in to start ahead of him. Also Mohamed Salah. Mate what the f**k are you doing wearing the shirt????

Luiz for £50 million – I will happily pay for the taxi fare to his house, pack it all up and ship it to Paris for that kind of cash.

Who should stay?

Cashley has been discarded which is regrettable, as is the Lampard loss. Both deserved more but as they say there is no sentiment in football.

Terry deservedly got his new deal and we have to keep Hazard. Courtois needs to return as well. Mikel has been excellent when called upon and I would refuse all offers for him. Ramires not so much.

Rating out of 10?

6. Jose is back, did well with what we had but we expect and demand so much more. I want success and lots of it. Next season is the one for no excuses.

In general:

Best player?

Yaya. Yes everyone’s rehabilitated son Suarez takes this award in most people’s eyes, but for a midfielder that isn’t Lampard to get 20 goals in the league is astonishing and something we have sorely missed – and is a major part of the title win for City.

Best goal?

One outside of England actually. I have not seen a better goal than the Sanchez one at the Camp Nou on the last day. It was unstoppable. Literally. Outside of that, Yaya has scored a couple of crackers and Arsenal’s injured duo Ramsey and Wilshere have had their moments too.

Best club?

Manchester United. Bringing pleasure to their rivals since the arrival of Moyes.

Seriously, Southampton have been great although they might not have any players next season and Palace have impressed with their resurgence.

Best manager?

Naturally I gravitate to Jose, but compare this to the treble at Inter and the Liga and Real Madrid and you cannot say that it is him. Especially by his standards.

Pellegrini had Yaya and four world class forwards so he can take a running jump on this one and Rodgers bottled it and failed to sort his defence out at the crucial part of the season. Liverpool come back from 3-0 down, they don’t let that score line slip! It goes to Tony Pulis for very obvious reasons.

Worst manager?

I wouldn’t like to say just in case he attacks me in a bar.

Worst player?

Chelsea forwards aside? Sorry but I can’t and won’t look outside Salah. Obviously Fellaini was God awful too. A fair few United players were poor but RVP should be utterly ashamed of himself.

Funniest moment?


Who would you like to see in the PL next season?

In the world of realism, Diego Costa, Paul Pogba and Thibaut Cortois.

Ramos wouldn’t be a bad addition although that is dream land and Ronaldo will be seeing his career out in Madrid now. Alexis Sanchez would be brilliant to see as well. In terms of a manger it can only be Diego Simeone. Adore the man.

Who is a waste of space and should go?

Fellaini, Rio, Chelsea’s forwards, Salah, Kolo Toure, I would actually keep Demichelis.

FINALLY, Who will win the World Cup?

Hopefully Brazil. Belgium are the dark horses for the Euros in 2016 – I suspect 2014 is just a tad soon.

Mad Mario might shock us all and lead Italy to something and if Portugal want to get out of their group, Ronaldo has to be fit. Bento claiming he is prepared for life without Ronaldo? Seems his next job will be as a Pinocchio impersonator.

Spain with Casillas in goal after his showing in the Champions League final? That would be a no. Then again, they do have Azpilicueta.

Chelsea fans. How do you think your season went? Let us know your thoughts below or tweet us @LaFootyettes.

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