Valencia seems slightly touchy about the number seven…

Date: 5th June 2014 at 1:35 pm
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So despite England making Ecuador look slightly more like Brazil than we might have hoped, that is not the only talking point from the international friendly.

There seemed to be a clash between Raheem Sterling who of course plays his club football for league runners up Liverpool and indeed Ecuador and Manchester United winger Antonio Valencia.

Whilst we would not be breaking out the peace talks just quite yet, it did look a fair bit more than handbags with Raheem Sterling seeing red.

The reason we bring this up is all down to the rather hilarious viral that has passed onto our desks and it seems that Sterling and Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard think they know why Valencia got so irate and it is all down to the rather lacklustre season United endured.

Here is the viral in all its glory!

viral raqheem

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