These England fans at least keep a sense of humour!

Date: 26th June 2014 at 9:00 am
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The eyes of the world may be on Luis Suarez, but this excellent banner has not gone unnoticed by our Footyettes, who think that it could well be the banner of the tournament.

Not only that but we have to commend the creators for the fact that they seem rather upbeat despite England only managing to get one point from a massive nine available. The fans made the long trip to Brazil probably thinking when they booked it that it was going to be a crunch game Рand one that England would be expected to win and potentially qualify after.

Well hindsight is a wonderful thing as they say, with the outlay spent by the fans pointless in that respect – and it is not exactly a cheap day out either!

To add insult to injury, Costa Rica rested players against England and had already topped the group – not that already being out the competition was not humiliating enough of course, and fans were left to cheer on Frank Lampard and co who only managed a goalless draw. They may as well have poured their money down the toilet. That or purchased Fernando Torres and got a better return!

Here is the banner in all its glory.

eng viral1

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