So Oscar, it looks like your sabbatical worked then

Date: 16th June 2014 at 2:54 pm
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Oscar bra v corMost Chelsea fans will be keeping a keen eye on the progress of World Cup hosts, Brazil this summer.

Not only because they play pretty good football and are a good shout for a cheeky bet to win the whole thing, but because it seems like a good third of the squad now wears the blue shirt of Chelsea domestically.

In fact, had it not been for the defection of David Luiz, there would be even more of Mourinho’s men in the Brazilian squad. Mind you, for £50 million now in the bank courtesy of Luiz, it is safe to say that even if Chelsea fans did not like him before, they do now.

Brazil are impressive. A moron could tell you that. Going forward they have one of the best attacking line ups in football and given Neymar actually looks like the player Barcelona decided to break the bank and evade the tax man for in his national shirt, they also have a very special player.

Yes, at the back they are shaky and the Marcelo own goal showed just that. The Real Madrid left back went viral last season after claiming that the side which really worried him in the Champions League draw was ‘Chelsea and their attacking style.’

Clearly a bit of sarcasm in there from the defender – but had he taken care to watch their parking of said bus and indeed outstanding right turned left back Cesar Azpilicueta, he might have been able to take some tips and position himself slightly better to prevent that goal.

David Luiz is always a tad suspect as well and Julio Cesar is not the man he was during the Inter Milan dominance and treble win of 2010 by any stretch of the imagination. It is often left to Thiago Silva to clear up at the back and for all the insults Joey Barton wishes to throw at him, the Paris Saint Germain defender is world class and can often marshal a back line all by himself – and will have to if Brazil want to win the competition.

Of course, some of the defensive omissions by Luiz Felipe Scolari have been slightly bizarre at best and a massive mistake at worst, with Atletico Madrid players suffering most of all and the excellent Filipe Luis (a left back no less) and Miranda also missing out. Kaka did not make the cut either, but clearly that was because he is not only past it but also quite handy with a camera during goals and a decent poster boy to have in the stands.

Diego Costa meanwhile obviously defected to Spain and not only will he be wondering what on earth he has done now, but has to also put up with being the most booed man at the tournament and having a Brazilian Volkswagon car advert proudly showing the slogan: ‘Unlike Diego Costa, this car fills Brazilians with pride.’

Fear not Diego, give new teammate Fernando a call. He was once mocked up on an advertising board outside of Stamford Bridge suggesting he put on a hair net and come and work in a burger van – and be of more use to Chelsea fans.

Ramires is also in the squad, although missed out on a start in their opening game, and could well miss out on a place in Chelsea’s squad next season should Real Madrid stump up the cash to buy him – and lets be honest, most fans would now take £25 million quid for the player prone to giving the ball away and collecting cards at a rate Sergio Ramos would be proud of.

Throw Khedira and Isco into the mix and you have no choice at all. Bye Rami, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Perhaps the most successful of Chelsea’s Brazilian stars last season was Willian, who came through when both Oscar and Eden Hazard did not – and will have his chance to impress this summer. It may be from the bench but Willian is not only a worker – in fact calling him that actually does a disservice to how good he is, well that and pointing out the fact that certain Chelsea players *cough, cough Eden* are not workers at all when they don’t feel like it – but Willian is actually outrageously talented.

Stunning goals last season and a place as virtually an untouchable in Mourinho’s side showed that he was purchased for far more than winding up neighbours Spurs, although they can now take the opportunity to make a DVD of just how unfair life is for them. Every cloud.

One of the main reasons Willian had to be relied on so heavily last term – especially in the latter stages of the season – was because number ten and utter star for the initial stages of Mourinho’s return, Oscar, faded into nothing.

In fact, Oscar may as well literally have been sat on the Copacabana having a nice cold beer such was the contribution he made at times in the crunch parts of the season.

After being the player who made the most interceptions, was fouled the most, produced the most assists and goals not to mention lifted the team and crowd every time the ball came to his feet, Oscar decided to borrow Harry’s cloak of invisibility and disappear.

The accusations of resting himself for the World Cup on home soil came thick and fast – and even manager Mourinho alluded to it.

After playing almost none stop since his arrival at the club, not to mention the fact that he was ever present for Brazil during their friendlies and Confederation Cup run as well essentially burnt the forward out.

Oscar failed to feature heavily in the crunch games at the business end of the season and rightly so. Even when called upon he was dire, so you cannot blame people for wondering just which Oscar would turn up at the World Cup.

Well ten minutes into the opening game against Croatia, he answered that question. In fact, he put more effort into singing the national anthem than in most of the games he played for Chelsea after February last season.

He was sublime. Creating chances, creating space out of nothing, intercepting balls, tracking back (well as much as Brazilians do), setting up goals, scoring goals – being the Oscar that Mourinho sold Juan Mata because of.

There was nothing that he did not do. The front pages may have focused on Neymar and the referee – both of whom also put in stellar shifts for Brazil to get them the three points – but it was Oscar who was the star man.

Clearly his second half of the season sabbatical worked. Mourinho may not like it, but the Brazilians certainly will.

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